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Visa Rules at United Arab Emirates

Citizens of 33 countries listed here do not need a visa before arrival at the airport UAE. Citizens of the GCC countries do not need visas for UAE visit. You only need to produce their passport GCC port of entry in the UAE. But the people of the UAE for employment, need a visa, which can be obtained through their employer or sponsor. The type of visa for entry into the United Arab Emirates is required depends on several factors such as nationality, purpose of travel, length of stay, etc.. Dh.100 a penalty per day for visitors who overstay is imposed
Granted visas on arrival in the following categories:
AGCC Residents: these are people who are not GCC nationals while maintaining a high professional status such as company managers, accountants, auditors, business people, engineers, doctors, pharmacists or employees in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them are not eligible renewable 30-day visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry. National citizens of the following countries: UK (with right of abode in the United Kingdom), France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and holders of Hong Kong SAR passports will be granted a visa free one visit to their arrival in the UAE. It should be noted that this list is subject to change from time to time, and it is therefore preferable to use to check with local UAE embassy or the airline for travel to the United Arab Emirates.

AGCC citizens: citizens of the Arab Republic of Gulf Cooperation Council member states, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman are not required a visa. Visitors who do not fit into one of these categories will require a visa and a sponsor of their visit. The sponsor normally applies for the visa on behalf of the visitor. Sponsors valid: Hospitality and tourism businesses can visas on behalf of the tourist request a tourist visa with validity of 30 days, or service visas valid for 14 days or a visit visa valid for 30 days, which could be renewed for another 30 days. Airlines and airline managers can apply on behalf of their crew for a transit visa for 96 hours. Other organizations in the UAE can be based, can apply for a visa visit visa service. People (friends or relatives) who already resident in the UAE, guidelines may, on your behalf for a visit visa.
Entry Service Permit:
Service permit entry applies to the following categories and their families, businesses Managerâ € ™ s representative, account statements, sales manager for the conduct of business delegations or business enterprises or business in United Arab Emirates, sought counsel UAE companies perform certain emergency tasks. The visa must be used within 14 days from the date of issue, as it is not renewable. This type of entry permit will be issued only for emergency purposes, and the holder may enter and leave the United Arab Emirates in any airport. Visa Entry Permit service may also be authorized by nationality, be exploited to obtain a tourist visa, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers.
The visa at the airport:
Visit visas and entry permits for visitors UAE sponsors who come to Dubai to enjoy the sites should be generally delivered at least three hours in advance at the airport before the arrival of the visitor. Visitors should look for or against DNATA DNRD visa to Dubai International Airport and close to the arrivals hall.
Short term: Types of visas
Another visitor visa which all require a deposit Dh.1000 include:
Students visit visas
The student must be enrolled at the UAE University (for short courses) and should already have a residence permit (long course). It can be renewed twice for Dh.500.
Conference / Exhibition Visa
Is valid for 30 days and is not renewable Dh.100
Visa medical
Renewable for 90 days and costs Dh.500 Dh.1000.
Property Visa
For most, if not all, of the Dubai property buying these pieces were suspended. Check with the appropriate government authority in Dubai with the master developer. But it is not the word developer or broker.
Investor Visa
For expatriates who invest a minimum of 000 shares Dh.70 in a business partnership with a UAE national. This visa is a visa of 3 years with equal validity to Dh.300.
Mission Visa
There are several types of visas mission to Dubai and the UAE region. A 90-day visa (Note that this is not necessarily three months) is called a visa mission and they have the express purpose of expatriates are used for a short period, it is also for agents probation. The Company sponsors requested by the Department of Labor. It can be multi-inputs and / or renewable. An entry visa is good for a special mission for 16 days (not to be confused with the visa, which is good for 96 hours) the visa referred to in Dubai. It is only good for a single entry and can not be extended.
Visa Parents:
UAE residents can sponsor their parents for a period of one year which may be renewed under special authorization from the DRFN. A deposit of Dh.5000 (per parent) and visa costs Dh.100 are free.

ENS Visa Application

Recruitment is an important aspect for any business. This is a company that will be handled professionally and done, the services related to your business depends on your need for skilled workers. A bad hire is a rental cost. Employers who want to set up exceptional people should always keep all options open for hiring a pool of overseas skilled migrants with the best and most qualified employees have your business benefit in a positive way. This simple understanding of what makes the difference for employers with employees are the most professional and capable of possible causes higher profit margins, since the average margins over. In this aspect, along with the provision of specialized staffing services recruitment migration as Konnecting, Australian employers, like you, in scouting and hiring a qualified and experienced in the world for your business needs and requirements.

Konnecting is a recruitment specialist based in Australia, with a fully integrated services on migration and international recruitment. These integrated services offered by a company makes the process of hiring foreign workers very streamlined. All paper work on different visa options Konnecting will be processed. They also provide ongoing support during the application, assistance with job finder assistance where possible and help prepare all necessary documents in the visa process.

If you want to temporary (contract) by the 457 visa program or an expert position at any time via the ENS or RSMS visa program Konnecting can help. Their services are simple, affordable and effective, facilitating interviews candidates, advising employers and companies in terms of visas and the process involved, and the ability to have background checks performed.

There are many ways for a company to work for a work permit for their international staff in order for it to Australia, namely received: 457 Visa, Visa ENS programs SMR or through a negotiated collective agreement. The 457 are temporary residence permits can take up to 4 years, while the ENS and RSMS visas are permanent resident of Australia, SMR is the regional visa.

ENS visa can be applied by qualified international live in another country or skilled temporary residents live and work in Australia. It is an established means for 457 visa holders to qualify for permanent residence, even if a visa ENS keeps a closer degree of skill. Basically, the ENS visa is a permanent employer support program. Diagram employer nomination (ENS) promoted to a permanent visa for the employee. To be eligible for the ENS visa, you must:

- Nominated by an approved employer
- Be less than 50 years
- Make the skills, qualifications and;
- Requirements English Language Requirements.

There are exceptions for age, ability and knowledge of the English language in occacions rare from that on a candidate nominated occupation, experience and salary.

ENS visa triple namely the application process:

A. The flow of the location of the transition: This is for those who hold a subclass 457 visa and we worked for two years and want their employers offer permanent positions.
Second The input stream directly: This is for people who have never worked or worked only briefly in the Australian labor market. An employee must prove that they experience in their profession for three years, and provide a formal evaluation of this profession.
Third Stream Agreement: Under this program, people who are interested in the ENS visa, sponsored by an employer under an agreement on labor migration or regional level.

How Konnecting can help you with ENS visa?

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Why the expertise Konnecting?
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The recruitment process until the hour of your staff arrives in Australia Konnecting be able to make all the necessary information and operations to treat a fast, efficient and effective.