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Types Of Visas For New Zealand

Visa work
If you have a job offer from a qualified employer New Zealand, then you can ask a general work permit. You have qualifications and / or work experience, the employer must prove New Zealand for the position offered and in many cases, there is no New Zealand citizens or permanent residents to fill the position. An open work permit, which is required is a job for those who are in relationship with a citizen or a New Zealand resident. General work aids visa can last 1-5 years in duration.

Working Holiday Visa 
Citizens of certain countries are eligible for a working holiday visa, which allows young people the opportunity to leave and work part-time for 12 or 24 months in New Zealand. You must be able to show the means to support yourself and your main objective should be to visit and / or stay in New Zealand.

Work Visa Of Residence
Working at home is primarily a temporary work visa, which can lead to permanent residence after working on this visa for at least 24 months. It differs from a general work visa time, you need to $ 55,000 or more, a job with an approved employer for an annual base salary of NZD. Moreover, unlike the general temporary work visa, this visa does not under-go test of the labor market for the application process and your chances of a residence permit of easy work!

Skilled Migrant Visa  
The skilled migrant category is the most popular way to earn New Zealand permanent residence. It is based on a point where the principal applicant, the 100 point threshold required for a declaration of interest or "EOI" submit complete system. This declaration of interest in a large pool of applications, where every two weeks has made a selection. The selection is based on the number and type of points claimed based. Not everyone has the right to submit a statement of interest is necessarily selected. If you meet the eligibility and immigration invites you, then you are on your way to apply for residence.

Business Visa
If you have gained experience in the business of running your own business or hold an executive position in a company, then you may be eligible for a business visa. In the category of long-term business visa allows you to buy, invest or start your own business in New Zealand and once this operation has been performed successfully for two years, you can apply for permanent residence .

Investment Visa 
VISA investment. Investment of $ 10 million threshold for the investor category 1 NZD NZD and $ 1.5 million for investors Category 2. The money must be invested in funds and acceptable to stay in New Zealand for at least 3 to 4 years for category 1 and 2 Your home is also dependent on living in New Zealand for a period of time beyond the investment period.

Tourist Visa
If you are looking for a holiday in New Zealand, or if you wish to visit family and friends, then you can do so on a visitor visa. Citizens of some countries are not required to have a visa before arriving in New Zealand and are licensed for 3 or 6 months on arrival are. There are several types of visitor visas. For example, grandparents who want to visit their grandchildren in New Zealand for a special type of visa they are entitled to a stay of 18 months in a period of 3 years.

Student Visa
All students who are not citizens or residents of New Zealand must apply for a student visa to study or go to school in New Zealand. Those who attend a short course for up to three months, it may be on a visitor visa, without having to apply for a student visa.

Family Visa
If you have family living permanently in New Zealand or in a relationship with a citizen or a New Zealand resident, you may be eligible to apply for temporary residence and / or permanent in the categories family. In some cases, the principal applicant has a job offer and require proof of your New Zealand sponsor their ability to support financially.

Knowing the Major Significance of the Visa Application Process

A visa application process is to deal with a very important task. It takes a lot of understanding and research to apply for a visa from the visa suppliers effectively. Today there are many companies that take the initiative to give you the best solutions on previous occasions. There are several ways to apply for a visa for each country. This is because the market has increased and people easily. As they came to the closing of the technology and the Internet. It really does not matter where you are and what type of visa you are wondering. Now it is best to check the reliability of online businesses Visa, default values ​​are also part of this process. You must be very careful in choosing your provider visa. The company needs a visa visible facts of their services. You should be more than happy to move forward for you visa processing solutions. However, these solutions are now easy to understand because many providers are adapting fast and visible service process in order to attract more customers.
A good reliability factor is very important in order to choose the appropriate business visa. The company takes care of all travel documents and visas to help you fill in the right direction. You can find all issues related to your adviser. As he or she understands the complexity considerably and immigration rules. An expert professional visa service company offers you customized solution according to your requirement.

Essential aspects of the visa application;
- A biometric is very important to have the advantage of trouble-free operation. Biometric data is a digital game and finger-scans to 10 digits
- You need to complete your application, but if this is not possible, then you should make sure that you personally sign
- You must fill in the language and spelling
- You can not travel without a visa, you must collect before you visit the country
- Time of the visa depends on the different providers visa usually it takes 15 working days for non-payment and 12 weeks for claims candidates.
Some companies specialize in same day service. It takes a high rating and preparing your application level. You arrange your interview with the public inquiry office home office. You can save a lot of time waiting for the visa, you can obtain a visa honest service at reasonable prices. However, you should use the online service visa deep for selecting the right provider.

There is certain information requires the application of the visa the same day;
- Full name
- Date of birth
- The name and Gynecology
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Phone Number
- Nationality
- Visa expiration date
- Address

There are certain types of visas depending on your needs. You can use a visa for business and private purposes and for accounting purposes are. Any company specific visa to carry out all formalities rules. 

There are several types of visas under:
- Work Visa
- Business Visa
- Student Visa
- Visa Family
- Visit Visa

Therefore, if you are planning to go abroad for a reason, and you do not know where to start from there, you can consider a company that visa. A visa service company is launching a global campaign to go through the application process without any discomfort. They give you the correct instructions to complete smoothly during careful examination of all documents for your application.

US Immigration Reform 2013

The last time the overall cost of immigration was signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1986, an estimated 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Today, there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States at the expense of immigration reform will allow many of these immigrants receive citizenship in 13 years. They would be required to learn English is to pass background checks, pay and have no obligation to back taxes and fines. Then they would be allowed to get permanent local status. Right here are five methods of the bill to reform the migration will impact the economy.
Economic growth
In May 2013 more than 100 economists have signed a letter of the American Action Forum said that immigration reform will contribute to the growth of the economy. A study of the Forum was conducted revealed that immigration reform would reduce the federal deficit by $ 2500000000000 over the next ten years. Also based on an analysis of the administration of social security, immigration reform would help, social security, working to contribute more to the Trust Fund. It is estimated that immigration reform would increase GDP by $ 1500000000000 more than ten years. In addition, according to the Partnership for a New American Economy, immigrants in the United States are more than twice as likely to start a business than non-immigrants.

Higher wages. . . For more
While revenue growth of immigration reform for most Americans trigger, it could also cause wages to go down for some. A 2007 study by Harvard economists George Borjas and Lawrence Katz found that immigration has led led to a decrease in income for senior high school dropouts and graduates. However, another study showed that in 2010 the total revenue migration actually native rose 0.6 percent. Although there is much academic debate on the pros and cons of migration on income effects, note Demetrios Papademetriou, the Head of State and co-founder of the Migration Policy Institute, that any negative impact of the migration on wages is very low.

More competition for jobs
11 million legal immigrants join the workforce will undoubtedly grow even more competition for jobs. A study by the seat Hispanic Center reports carried out 650,000 jobs created in 2009, foreign-born workers, while native workers lost 1.2 million euros. A research project of the Center for American Progress published, but found that the granting of a legal status for immigrants might actually create jobs, because it would allow immigrants to increase the efficiency and wages. The reasons for the study if the legal staff earn higher wages and spend money on things like real estate, clothing and food are improving demand for goods and services will, and develop the economy as a result.

Increased tax revenue
As the number of statutory employees and increase spending increases, tax revenue will also increase. In 2010, it was estimated that undocumented Latino workers have lost $ 2.2 billion in revenue. As a result, the federal government failed $ 1.4 billion in taxes. The work plan of the Congressional Budget and the Joint Committee on Taxation also found that migration was the 2006 reform law signed into law, it would have created an estimated $ 66 billion in new profits in years 2007 and 2016.

Education is the key
The U.S. economy is no longer able to easily absorb the uneducated, as he did with so many European immigrants in the early twentieth century. To succeed in today's economy, workers must be well educated. Because many jobs, unskilled immigrants without papers who pay lower wages to fill, they struggle to get out of poverty. A study by sociologists UCLA was conducted revealed that, although the formation of Mexican Americans spectacular gains of second-generation parents of immigrant and non-teaching third and fourth generation to do this, and in fact has been delayed in some cases. Many third and fourth generation Mexican Americans are not college graduates, and the education of children from immigrant families still lag behind the national average. In today's economy, it is difficult to digest for less educated workers. Immigration reform is more emphasis on highly skilled only help the economy in the late migrants.

Overall, the proposed immigration reform will have a positive effect on the economy, and could even be aptly called the "bill to reform the economy." As New York Times reporter Ross Douthat pointed out, it is good that so many people around the world still believe in the American dream. But it is important that "if we decide to host the largest number of them and the speed with which we still have to deliver on it."