Thursday, September 18, 2014

UK Immigration: Skills Shortage List in UK

The United Kingdom is a great place. And in some areas of work, there are major bottlenecks, seeking employment, make for many, a select market. The government provides an approved list of recognized professions shortage of skilled workers and can listen to a recorded message.

It is primarily a skills shortage in certain fields of technology, healthcare, education and other professions. Examples of jobs listed as shortage occupations are railway engineers, transport and highway engineers, nurses of all kinds, medical consultant in a number of areas, doctors, physiotherapists and teachers of all subjects compulsory in UK education.
If you have high qualifications and a job offer from a British company in a shortage occupation then it can help make it easy to get a work permit with a Home Office decision usually within one week of application shall apply.

Since the list was officially approved by the British government, this means UK employer can apply to deal with a professional from outside the country and to obtain the preferred candidate for a work permit. For those who do not get in a position to have a valid visa to work in the UK, and have a job that is on the approved list, is the opportunity to work here in reality.

Although not on the approved list, there are many other professions that are still scarce and include: teacher Secretaries & Administrators Hotel & Catering Staff For those who can meet the skills shortage, you can often earn more money, have more choice of jobs, and above all have job interviews or even a job offer upon arrival, all reality.

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  1. If my university Give a proof that all cources are taught here in english and the applicant is able to read write and listen english...then is this proof is valid according to embassy ?