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Australia Skilled Worker Visa

Resource for the latest information on visas Australia Skilled Workers - immigration. Here you will find the latest information Visa Australia Skilled workers - Immigration and UK immigration HSMP, Canada Immigration, Australia Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, USA Immigration and permits job.

The Australian immigration program offers places for skilled workers who want to apply for a skilled worker visa in Australia. Factors such as age, qualifications, experience and other are considered.

Migrants to Australia are not chosen because of their race, gender or culture. Instead, the qualifications for migration depends on the skills, age, work experience, your ability to speak English and if you have family or business contacts here.

This is an important step to migrate permanently to another country, and it is expensive, but there were many migrants in Australia, and consider it as a land of opportunity -. Spacious and beautiful In Western Australia, for example, 31% of the total population of 1,713,023 in the 1996 Census and Perth metropolitan area, 35% of residents are foreign-born foreign-born.

Although abilities obviously very important, it is not the primary criterion for applications capabilities. Your profession is on the list of approved occupations for migration to Australia.

You will then be tested in Australia by the competent authorities for your profession or your skills, experience and qualifications will be judged primarily by Australian standards for that particular job or experience that you need X, skills and qualifications for YZ to the equivalent of the Australian standards for a particular occupation are determined.

Only after passing the evaluation profession, you can use the actual visa. This can be carried out at the entrance of the successful evaluation of the professions. Assessments professions last 1 to 4 months and will be conducted by the competent authority for the standard parameters for a given profession in Australia.

Your profession, experience, age, English language ability and eligibility for bonus points all contribute to your points - and you have 120 points to the criteria for independent skilled migration needs. (Note: meeting the passing score does not mean that all the criteria for the visa)

If you are not eligible family members residing in Australia as permanent residents (at least 2 years), they can potentially sponsor you in this current visa if you need extra points.

Visa requirements for Australian skilled workers:
To be eligible for Australian skilled worker visa, you must be at least 45 years of application.

You must have sufficient capacity to work of English in Australia. This is known as "professional English".
A higher level of English required for certain jobs, and if English is part of the ability to apply skills.
In the category of Skilled Regional Sponsored, you may be entitled to a lower level of English. You will be asked to have your knowledge of the English language test before application.

You have post-secondary (such as university or trade) qualifications (in a small number of occupations substantial relevant work experience may be acceptable) and your skills by the competent authority were considered suitable for the assessment assess your nominated occupation.

Designated occupation
When you apply, you must nominate a profession that matches your skills and qualifications. Her nomination crew must be on the list of specialized positions (SOL) If your nominated occupation is not on the list may not apply to you.

Current work experience
This requirement is separate nominated by the need of your skills as a suitable occupation are assessed before you apply.

If your nominated occupation is worth 60 points (see points for your nominated occupation on the SOL), you must have employment in a recognized occupation (all on the SOL) paid for at least 12 of the 18 months preceding the application.

If your nominated occupation is worth 40 or 50 points, you must have paid employment in a recognized occupation (all on the SOL) at least two of the three years preceding the application.

In some professions, a longer-specific experience for a proper assessment of skills (managers, for example) is required.

Correspondence in skills or categories of qualified designated commercial section, you can come for less work experience.

You do not meet the requirement of professional experience, if you have completed an Australian qualification less than 6 months prior to the submission of your visa application. This exemption shall not be used to dispense imposed a specific experience requirement by an assessment body under a competence assessment. If you want to take advantage of this concession, should be aware that the period of six months from the date of completion of the qualification, and was not awarded from the date of qualification.

If you meet all the essential requirements of the program of skilled migrants to Australia, then you have enough points in the test-points.

When close relatives in Australia that will help your guests the checkpoints are. In some cases, does not apply to the points system.

Tier 1 General Visa

Qualified resource for the latest information of Tier 1 General Visa. Here you will find the latest information of Tier-1 Visa with UK immigration HSMP, Canada Immigration, Australia Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, USA Immigration and work permit qualified.

The Tier 1 Visa Points-based UK immigration service directly replaces the existing Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP visa application and is in the UK for candidates who acquired skills, desirable skills and experience designed for the United Kingdom is required. Tier 1 General visa holders are entitled to apply for an extension and get the opportunity to citizenship after years of experience in the UK to receive.

The category of highly skilled workers is designed to highly qualified employees, to come to the UK to look for work or self-employment opportunities.

Qualify as PMSS for the Tier 1 (General) visas based on points based. This system was first held in 2002 and since then observed to determine whether the applicant is eligible for HSMP. Before the general level 1, those who applied and were able to qualify with the point system considered is given a HSMP approval letter from the government. HSMP letter could win to enter the United Kingdom.

Tier 1 General Visa as a skilled worker.
Because Tier 1 General Visa recently introduced, it is still possible that some candidates received HSMP approval letter, especially when they asked HSMP visa before the end of February 2008. In this case, the recipient of the letter must go through the process of transition to Tier 1, in which the letters are placed and the procedure is something done differently, but the letter is still useful to gain access to the United Kingdom as that PMSS.

Documents for Tier 1 visas generally required qualified
When applying for a Tier 1 General visa is designed in the UK, read the documents, which are necessary for the application to complete. Failure to follow the rules may result in your visa category 1, on the grounds that she refused sufficient evidence, in which case the fee is not refunded sent.

Under the new rules of the Tier 1 General Visa (PMSS) qualified with effect from 1 April 2009, the following documents are required for Tier 1 general application is required.

Two recent photographs in color (45 mm x 35 mm) with white background must be clear, unframed, and took no accessory that part of his face covered when the accessory is worn for religious reasons.

Valid passport or travel document
Proof of age: birth certificate / license only. You also need to give an alternative proof in the form of a certified copy of the personal side of the pass. (Please do not send the original passport with this application form).

Diplomas - you must provide your original degree certificate. This should clearly show
the date of the award and the title of the prize; the name of the awarding institution and her name.

Experience certificates for all companies where you worked in. Among the new HSMP rules there is no requirement for certificates of experience, but it's best to tie, but remember, now there is no point to the experience.

Income tax return if you claim Points for income. If the tax year does not cover the entire period is further evidence of the period (s) claimed required are not covered. Tax records self-assessment is not accepted because they were not independent.

Payslips, if you apply for income points. Their payrolls over the entire 12-month period.

For self-employed, we balance sheets, profit and loss account profit and loss account must for atleast 3-5 years. In addition, copies of supplier / customer references, contracts / agreements desirable

Fluency in English. Any proof of citizenship in most English-speaking countries / pass an English teaching / after graduation in English.

Maintenance Fund shows that you have at least £ 800. In the form of funds in your account at any time during the three-month period

HSMP transitional arrangements (if applicable)

Visit Visa for Australia

If you wish to travel to Australia for a short stay, you need a visa, which allows you to travel and to obtain permits in Australia for a period of time. A visa may be in the form of a stamp or label in a passport, or - for some travelers - can be an electronic record travel authorization (Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)) to Australia.
There are several short-term trips (visitor) visas, which are aimed at certain visa categories, such as business, working holiday maker and tourism. These visas allow a first-hand look at the business opportunities in Australia, market research, have to meet local people in the accessories your trip and you do discover the Australian way of life.

Tourist / Visa for Australia - Traveling to Australia to visit for tourism or to family and friends? Please note: This visa is valid for multiple visits to Australia within 12 months from the issue date with a maximum stay per visit of three (3) months. They may not work or study during these visits.

Visa short business trip - travel to Australia for professional activities outside of work, for a stay of less than three (3) months Please note: This visa is normally hold valid for 12 months from the date of issue and can usually to stay in Australia for three (3) months from the date of each entry.

You can ask the ETA, if you are a passport holder of one of the following counties eligible ETA: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan , Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Vatican.

Visa to visit Australia:
Some people who want to visit Australia for short business trips and sightseeing can issue a visa online at the site. To do this, you must be a citizen of an eligible country. If you are a citizen of a European country, you can get a visa subclass 651 eVisitor apply. If you are a citizen of Brunei, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States, you can apply for the Electronic Travel Authority visa subclass 976th All other countries are not eligible to apply for a tourist visa or a short business trip online.

You need a visa to enter Australia, you., A New Zealand passport or keep continuing your journey within 8 hours of arrival, holder of a valid return ticket and you do not do not leave the transit area

With a visa for Australia, tourist visitors are not able to:

Working in Australia. Limited volunteer acceptable.
involved in training more than three months
If you are at least 11 years old and you intend to study in a classroom for a period longer than 4 weeks, you may need to be a chest X-ray examination to pass before you start your studies.
You must. Tuberculosis at the time of travel to and enter Australia
They may no criminal convictions for which the sentence or sentences (whether served or not) are for a total period of 12 months or more at the time of travel to, and entry into, Australia.

Bid for a visa does not guarantee that eVisitor be granted. Conditions such as past criminal offense or other complications cause application be rejected.

The cost of living in Australia
Australia has developed some of the least expensive cities in the world. The cost of living in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and is less than half of the most expensive cities in the world. At the same time, the cities of Australia, all ranked in the world top 30 for quality of life.

The cost of living in Western Australia is generally lower than in other Australian states. You can expect more per year for rent, transportation and food in Australia East Coast cities pay. The prices are relatively low, mainly as food, drink and clothing. Finished products, on the other hand, are usually expensive because many are imported.

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Character Requirement updates for Australian Immigration

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has recently updated and released the latest version of the application character. Now more criteria in the test, for those who want to enter and stay in Australia

DIAC days prior character added another criterion to pass the character test. List appropriate case, which led to the failure of the applicants character test, if:

• You have a serious criminal record. A person is considered a serious criminal record, provided they have been: sentenced to death or life imprisonment, a sentence of imprisonment of 12 months or more; sentenced to two or more of imprisonment (whether either on one or more occasions), the sum of these terms is two years or more, or acquitted of an offense on the basis of insanity or madness, and, therefore, the person in an organization or institution was arrested.

• an offense that was committed during his detention has been condemned as an escape from prison, to a time when a person fleeing from custody, or if the convicted person for the offense of escape from custody

• you have or have had a relationship with a person, group or organization suspected or is involved in criminal activities

• Knowledge of individual criminal behavior past and present, the person is not considered to be of good character,

• Knowledge of general person driving past and the present, the person is, not a good reputation

• There is a significant risk that the person will engage in criminal conduct in Australia, harass, abuse, intimidate or stalk another person to denigrate Australia, a segment of the Australian community, or incite discord to the Australian community or a segment of that community or a danger to the Australian community or a segment of that community.

It is compulsory for Australian applicants, family members non-citizens, sponsors and non-migration, displacement and stay in Australia for his character judged, which means they want to meet characters specified in section 501 of the Immigration Act 1958th

This section of the Migration Act. 1958 preliminary test character to ensure that the applicant non-citizens sponsors and family members are non-migratory are of good character In addition, the test is also the discretion to reject or cancel visas when potential migrants to Australia is not the criterion.

If the visa application is made by the applicant or a lengthy criminal record in the past and present conduct criminal, these candidates will be permanently excluded from Australia.

There are several other cases in which the applicant by the competent Australian authorities are deemed to be directly or indirectly a risk to Australian national security, be denied a visa. In addition, if the Secretary of State or a person entitled Foreign Minister felt the presence of someone in Australia against the foreign policy interests of Australia and Australian autonomous sanctions regulations, or are directly or indirectly associated with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the visa refusal.

Top Tips for Immigration to Canada

Canada has one of the most open immigration policies in the world, but there is still a mountain of paperwork standing between you and your Canadian visa.

Canada remains one of the world's best destinations for immigration to the Canadian government is trying to attract skilled grasp difficult. Specific to the decline in birth rates, to compensate for an aging population and fill skill shortages, Canada is trying to attract skilled workers to its shores. With its popular points program for skilled workers looking for the Canadian government to attract more than 250,000 new immigrants alone in past years.

If you immigrate to Canada or elsewhere, you need to be aware, to plan, the process takes time and commitment. Those who adopt a gradual approach to immigration is often most effective.

In turn, the research of the type of visa you will have the right and collecting the necessary documents longer. You will probably need to spend a day or two to collect the necessary documents, including working papers, the story of the birth and marriage records and other evidence. If you lost one of the necessary documents, it is important to replace the various departments in an early stage of the application process that they take the time to apply.

Several free online assessments are to be measured at individual points of the Canadian visa for skilled workers and other subclasses of visas. Most are attached to the migration agencies, but some of the ratings service offering free and without obligation. Online assessments provide a quick and easy way to determine if you qualify for a Canadian visa.

Visa Canadas most popular and the most flexible, skilled worker visa, works on a points system. The pass score of Citizenship and Immigration Canada with variables such as education, skills, age and language skills assign the setpoint. To be eligible apply for a Canadian visa for skilled workers, the levels of minimum focusing distance of 67 out of 100 are achieved. Once the pass mark has been achieved, it is important to keep in mind that it is considered medical costs and time factors when. Applying for a skilled worker visa

Essentially, the 100 points in six categories, each divided with a different maximum point. Single factor, with a maximum of 25 points is education. The more educated you are, the more points you are entitled to receive. Speak the language is a factor of two, and because Canada is a bilingual country, the more points for those who have one or both of Canada's official languages ​​(English and French) excellent. With a maximum score of 24 points, at least one language with a high level of competence to be said.

For a maximum score of 21 points, some experience of three factors. Points are awarded on a scale of 1-4 years, with four years of qualified experience, worth 21 points. Four factors age of ten points for the age group 21-49, with two points for each year above or below deducted.

If you have a pre-placement arrangement, subject to the confirmation by the Human Resource Development Canada, you are entitled to ten points five factors. The last category, adaptability, as the last ten points. Points in this category are awarded for the study of the spouse or partner and previous work or study in Canada and family ties in Canada.

Canada offers different types of visas for business immigrants. There are three main categories: investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Investors must demonstrate to invest a minimum capital and the possibility of the country. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate asset and are subject to various conditions upon arrival in Canada. Independent have the intention and ability to create their own jobs and should contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.

Work permits, including work visas manufacturer holidays to Canada are foreign workers issued to go to Canada for a limited time. If you are keen to live and work permanently in Canada, you must apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Worker Program.

If you are an unusual case, varied work experience, a criminal record before the immigration offense or have medical problems, you may want to consider the use of an immigration officer. Migration Agents the visa process to break down into manageable steps and have a good understanding of the immigration laws. Be sure to register a Canadian immigration lawyer or. You can use the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants website you will find a list to check all registered agents.

Canada is a beautiful country and has diversified the visa solid pension. Remember to research, gather your documents early and be patient, the procedure can run anywhere from 6 to 32 months!

US Immigration: Visa for Thai Girlfriend

U.S. Immigration is a very complex area of ​​U.S. law. Many U.S. citizens are under the impression that obtaining a U.S. visa for a Thai significant other relatively simple. In many ways, this is not the case.
The following article will look at the obstacles and methods to successfully obtaining a U.S. visa for a Thai national in a relationship with a citizen of the United States. Many couples first try to apply for a tourist visa to the United States. In some cases, these efforts will be useless because of U.S. immigration law applicable states. Under the language of § 214 (b) of the Act U.S. immigration and nationality, a candidate for a U.S. non-immigrant visa (visitor visa), the legal presumption that they really overcome for immigrants. This presumption may only showing "strong ties" in Thailand and "weak ties" to overcome the United States. If the applicant is the most important link with a citizen of the United States, the chances of overcoming this presumption is a candidate who has not compared a relationship with a U.S. citizen. It should be noted that the visa refusal under § 214 (b) of the Citizenship Act is virtually unchanged Immigration and judgment under the doctrine of consular absolutism must also be a finding of fact.

In some cases, a couple may decide to pursue a fiance visa (classified by K-1 Citizenship and Immigration Service of the United States). Before going further, it should be noted that no one in a personal relationship, in an effort to obtain immigration benefits the United States, give. Instead, if the need arises for immigration benefits a relationship underlying good faith. However a K1 fiancee visa is a common category of visas for people traveling to the United States want to marry a U.S. citizen.

Some bi-national couples have benefited from the decision to marry and enforce U.S. immigration on their marriage is based. In these cases, the process may take longer than in the case of fiance visa, however, depending on the type of visa the spouse in the U.S. legal resident. Again, it should be noted that no one should certainly marry in order to gain an advantage immigration. A marriage should only be done if the couple really wants to marry for personal reasons.

In summary, it can be reached U.S. tourist visas for Thai girlfriends or friends difficult. However, if the couple really wants to take their relationship to the next level, it can provide a means to couple together in the United States with a non immigrant visa or immigration.

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Looking To Apply For H-1B Visa

H-1B visa! When looking to enter in USA from abroad you need a visa, it gives them permission. There are some reasons for entry into the United States and that means different visa. Given all the various visas have different requirements for permits.

An H-1B visa is typically used when a U.S. work visa, which is also called as a work permit in the United States. They are for people around the world. A program of the U.S. government is implemented to allow other. Opportunity to be in the United States It is for people who are international students or professionals are determined.

It's popular and a visa. Than the coveted U.S. visas for work Any foreign national is from the U.S. immigration visa be legal to work in the United States. One advantage for the H1B visa is that it offers two intentions. It is then that the visa holder may have been known for a permanent right of residence as a green card.

As with any visa, there is a process that must be followed. First, the plaintiff must employment H-1B sponsorship available, by finding an employer who is a U.S. company sponsorship. Only those who require a visa to H-1B specialty occupation to get a request for a visa. These professions are: computer, banking, IT, sales, finance, advertising, public relations, engineering, different, marketing, accounting, teaching, law median, networking, health care law, the telecom, hospitality, business and management.

The next step, the employer file the H-1B visa applicants to have is H-1B. Must be filed with the U.S. Bureau of Immigration. Only employers in the United States must complete this step. People are not allowed to sponsor and the applicant is not entitled to apply for H-1B visa. When H-1B visa is issued, it is offered for a maximum period of six years. The visa holder may remain in the United States for a few years, or up to six permits.

H-1B certification is only valid for the duration of employment and no worker can begin working when the visa is approved by the USCIS. The burden of tracking the details of visa and employee qualifications and other documents will now be sponsoring the visa workers. These documents should be used to audit or an inspection if requested. If there is a change in the employment H-1B petition must be submitted to the workers of the new company.

This visa also opens the door to the family of the visa holder, including their spouses and children under 21. You are welcome to accompany the visa holder in the United States, while the visa is active. Such persons or nationals need a visa or H4 dependent. Article NeverthelessBusiness management, the H4 visa does not allow family members of the owner of the H-1B visa to work, and they have their own H-1B visa.

E-2 Investment Visa - An Opportunity to do Business in USA

The E-2 visa is investment. Government the way for the expansion of its arm in a friendly gesture to foreign investors to help entrepreneurs with more than $ 200,000 are invited. In any form of business, the opportunity to invest more income and jobs is welcome to generate for the E-2 visa to apply to investors who hold a visa granted to investors work and residence in the United States States. The visa is valid for a period of two years and may be renewed for an unlimited number of times. As the company generates revenue agreement and employment opportunities for U.S. citizens, investment in E-2 visa easily be replaced by a U.S. embassy outside the country.

Many argue that the E-2 visa does not allow investing the same benefits as the EB5 visa investors. It should be noted that the E-2 visa investor visa is a non immigrant visa EB5 when the investment is an immigrant visa, the right to apply for permanent residence and citizenship.

Benefits of E-2 visa investment
The need for a permanent residence in the country of operation will not be felt by all business people. A non-immigrant visas, such as E-2 investor, businessman the opportunity to explore a business in the United States while maintaining their original nationality.

Before turning back to the E-2 investor visa review the following advantages of E-2 visa:
  • The biggest advantage and the best investor E-2 visa is that it requires no minimum investment. A person only has so much size, the government of the foundation of a successful business is to make. The amount of investment varies with or depend on the nature of the business.
  • Residents of 75 countries that have signed a contract with the United States can apply for the visa. Foreign investors from 75 countries to invest their investments in existing or new commercial enterprise in the country.
  • The spouse and children of Legal E-2 visa holder visa charge.
  • The wife of holders of E-2 visa can apply for a work permit due to his E-2 visa dependent.
  • Until they are 21, children of E-2 visa holders apply and training in a school of their choice.
  • As long as the investor holds a valid E-2 visa, it must be present in the country during his business. It can stay outside the country for as long as he wants and give the land.
  • E-2 Visa may be extended for a number of times. There is no limit to the number of times an E-2 visa holder apply for extensions.

As the company sponsoring the creation of jobs and the creation of profit, the E-2 visa holder is always welcome in the country. This is a great opportunity for foreign investors "to start with a minimum investment and expanding its activities in the country. Visas E-2 Investment is also an excellent opportunity for the astute businessmen buy smaller companies and converts them into thriving commercial enterprises.

Visa E-2 investment is like music to the ears of aspiring entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities in the United States. The E-2 investor visa requires no investment heavy and hard by the applicant and gives the business owner the opportunity to be in the country for the duration of his business.