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Student visa for UK

A UK student visa can a person come to the United Kingdom for the purpose of study.
There is no fixed term for a UK student visa but visas for students in the UK are usually granted for a period of one year and are usually determined by the length of the course are examined.
Selection Criteria
Course of studies
A UK student visa applicant must show that they have been accepted into studies at:
a publicly funded institution of further or higher education (eg a university); or
a bona fide private education institution satisfactory records of enrollment and support for students entertains and offers courses which are recognized qualifications by the relevant accreditation bodies leader; or
have an independent fee-paying school outside the sector.

And the student applicant must intend UK, follow:

a recognized full-time study; or
a week course at a single institution, which includes at least 15 hours of organized study day in the week; or
a full-time course of study at an independent fee-paying school.

UK student visa applicants must be able, the cost of the course and the accommodation and care of yourself and any dependents term full-time employment or to meet in the economy or recourse to public funds.

UK student visa applicants should intend to leave the UK at the end of the course.

In the land applications
In country applications for UK student visa can not be submitted by Visa Nationals.
additional Information

Only spouses have to connect claim on a person in a UK student visa and they are granted leave for a period equal to that is granted to the students. During this time, they need to be able to maintain themselves independently or with the help of the British student visa holders. This partner will be allowed only if the UK student visa was 12 months or more are added output.

A UK student visa applicants can take part-time or holiday work but may not

have been working for more than 20 hours a week during term time, unless there is an internship and part of a study program and the educational institution matches; or
Do business, self-employed or services as professional athletes or entertainers; or
Full-time in a permanent position.
A person on a UK student visa to work is only capable of full-time during the holiday season.

Mutual funds

UK student visa holders must be able to support and accommodate his tehmselves without recourse to public funds.

Study Visa for Ireland

Nationals of certain countries who want to pursue a course of study in Ireland must apply for a visa to enter Ireland before they travel here. Students from the EU / EEA not a student visa to need to study in Ireland.
If you want to study in Ireland and require a visa, you must submit the following to your nearest Irish embassy with your visa application.
Copies of diplomas.
Letter of acceptance from a recognized school / college / university in Ireland confirming that you have been accepted to a degree program. This course is full time and have a minimum of 15 hours per week of study.
Evidence that the fees for the course have been paid in full.
Evidence that you have in order to keep enough money for at least the first part of your stay.
Access to employment, while in Ireland on a student visa.

Permisssion added 2005 new students from 18 April to Ireland to study the permit will not be given to work when they are not in full-time studies of at least one year, to a recognized qualification (recognized qualifications include those of the Dublin Institute issued the technology, the universities, FETAC and HETAC). This change does not affect students permission on 18 April 2005. These students continue to part-time work and study for the remaining term of the visa to work in Ireland. (See "renewal of Student Visa" below).

Renewal of student visas
From 1 January 2005 students who are not only allowed on a full-time course of one year, which are to a recognized qualification to extend their study visas if the total duration of permissions is granted no more than 18 months in total. If the student had calculated permission to this 18-month period remain before January 1, 2005 from 1 January 2005.

Extending a student visa
If you want to study for less than three months in Ireland, you should apply for a "C student visa". If your course lasts longer than three months, you should apply for a "D student visa".

If you keep a "C student visa" and want to extend the period of your stay in Ireland, you should visit your local Garda Station (Police Station) and present yourself to the Registration Officer for the area in which you live. (The Registration Officer for your area will be (the Irish police) member of An Garda Siochana. You may also be asked to apply in writing for your visa extension in the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

In general, the duration of a "C student visa" (ie, a three-month visa to study in Ireland) is not extended when you arrived in Ireland. Extensions will be granted only in exceptional cases. It is very important, so make sure you know the duration of the course before you apply for a visa. To extend further information on applying for a student visa is under "How to Apply".

People who do not need a visa to visit Ireland
You do not need a visa to visit Ireland, if you own a citizen of an EU / EEA Member State.

You do not need a visa to visit Ireland, if you are from one of the countries listed below.

Do you need a visa if you are from a country not listed.

Andorra, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominica, El Salvador, Fiji, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Nauru, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Macau, Maldives, Norway, Panama, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvala, United States, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Vatican City, Venezuela, Western Samoa.
You do not need a visa if you have a British passport and Hong Kong have a right of residence in the UK.

Travelers from British Dependent Territories (colonies)
You do not need a visa if you are from British Dependent Territories (Colonies) that:

    British Antarctic Territory (South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands)
    British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago, Peros Banos, Diego Garcia, Danger Island)
    Cayman Islands
    Falkland Islands and Dependencies
    Pitcairn (Henderson, Ducie and Oneno Islands)
    St. Helena and Dependencies (Ascension Island, Tristan Da Cunha)
    The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia
    Turks and Caicos Island
    British Virgin Islands

    Standard non-refundable visa application processing fees are:

Single-journey visa: 60 euro

Multiple-journey visa: 100 visa

Certain applicants are not required to pay a fee. They include non-EU Spouses of EU citizens and nationals of the countries listed below:

    Ivory Coast
    Sri Lanka
    Serbia and Montenegro

How to apply
Send your application for a student visa (pdf) to the Irish embassy or Consulate in or accredited to the country in which you normally live. If there is no Irish Embassy or Consulate in your country, send your visa application to your nearest Irish embassy or Consulate or the Visa Office, Department of Foreign Affairs, 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

Extending a student visa for Ireland
The police registration officer in the area in Ireland where you live can advise you on any application forms you will need to complete to extend your student visa. Your application to extend your visa should contain the following information:

details of and proof of payment of course/study fees
details of the course of study
information on where you will live
evidence that you are self-sufficient
copy of your passport with your original study visa
visa reference number and your nationality
details of attendance if this is a further education course
Where to apply
Your nearest Irish embassy or Consulate or:

Visa Office,
Department of Foreign Affairs,
13-14 Burgh Qua,y
Dublin 2.
Republic of Ireland
Tel: (01) 633 1000, intl: +353 1 633 1000 (Mon-Fri 2:30p.m. - 4:00pm)

Garda National Immigration Bureau,
13/14 Burgh Quay,
Dublin 2.
Tel: (01) 666 9100, from abroad: +00 353 1 666 9100.

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UK Immigration: Skills Shortage List in UK

The United Kingdom is a great place. And in some areas of work, there are major bottlenecks, seeking employment, make for many, a select market. The government provides an approved list of recognized professions shortage of skilled workers and can listen to a recorded message.

It is primarily a skills shortage in certain fields of technology, healthcare, education and other professions. Examples of jobs listed as shortage occupations are railway engineers, transport and highway engineers, nurses of all kinds, medical consultant in a number of areas, doctors, physiotherapists and teachers of all subjects compulsory in UK education.
If you have high qualifications and a job offer from a British company in a shortage occupation then it can help make it easy to get a work permit with a Home Office decision usually within one week of application shall apply.

Since the list was officially approved by the British government, this means UK employer can apply to deal with a professional from outside the country and to obtain the preferred candidate for a work permit. For those who do not get in a position to have a valid visa to work in the UK, and have a job that is on the approved list, is the opportunity to work here in reality.

Although not on the approved list, there are many other professions that are still scarce and include: teacher Secretaries & Administrators Hotel & Catering Staff For those who can meet the skills shortage, you can often earn more money, have more choice of jobs, and above all have job interviews or even a job offer upon arrival, all reality.

Skilled Independent Visa of Australia

Resource for the latest information manually Independent Visa of Australia. Here you will find current information from the specialist Independent Visa in Australia along with UK immigration HSMP, Canada Immigration, Australia Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, USA Immigration and work permit can be found here.
Independent skilled migrants to Australia are at the helm of the program. These are people who. Top job skills in occupations that high after must be sought in Australia Perhaps it is surprising, but many people with technical skills are in high demand in our country where there are so many graduates.
Migration to Australia under the Skilled Migration class, also known as General Skilled Migration or hand-independent migration is known, is operated on a points based system (PBS).

The applicant must first meet the basic criteria and then meet the points test pass mark for skilled qualify permanent residence.

A hairdresser or a tiler has a better score and will often find employment more easily than an MBA or a head of research and development. For many of these jobs, apprenticeships and 6 years on-the-job training education, instead of trade school sets (although certificates are preferred).

Migrants to Australia without a sponsor if their qualification to get job skills, and record of employment is good. That is, they are able to settle into the Australian way of life and to find work within a short period. If you apply for this visa, you need very good English and be a young working age.

The subclass 136 skilled Australian Independent visa is for younger people who have no family here to support them, and have a good chance, but no employer. Check out the criteria for this visa in our self-assessment section. When you arrive in Australia, you can look for work.

Requirements of professional Independent Visa Australia:
Applicants for the professional -Independent Australia Visa must meet the following basic requirements:

Must have an occupation or skill on the list of approved occupations for skilled migration,
Must be current and specific experience
Must be under 45 years old at the time of application,
Must have at least vocational English,
Must pass a points test.

Applicants for Australia Hand Independent Visa must have been professional list in the last employment in any occupation in the hand. Employment is as at least 20 hours per week. You must have been employed for a total of 12 months in the last 24 months prior to submitting your application.

The following factors may contribute additional support to a marginal Australian Skilled Independent Visa application.

Candidates family connections within Australia may have to use able so to strengthen their application.

High Demand Occupation / Job Offer
Receive an Australia Skilled Migration visa applicants extra points if their skills are as listed in the demand. Additional points will be awarded if you also have qualified a job offer from an Australian employer.

Australian study
Applicants who have successfully completed study in Australia, may be able to use these skills to support their application and to obtain additional points be.

You can make extra points submits that if your spouse also meets the essential requirements which include - less than 45 years, with knowledge of English, a qualified professional activity as well as 12 of the last 24 months of work experience.

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UK work permit

Is to understand the most important thing in the UK work permit that in the UK the employer applies for the work permit and the work permit for the employee Granted owners. If you are an individual hoping to work in the UK, you can not apply for a work permit. If you have a work permit for the UK, you can not change jobs without a new work permit.

The following are the different types of permission to work in UK:
The business and commercial work permit allows employers in this country to recruit people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), which are the perhaps otherwise just filled a vacancy by a "residence employee" filling.
Please use form WP1 when applying for: -
Business and Commercial work permit;
Multiple Entry work permit; and
for changes in employment or application form WP1X for extensions of existing work permit. For Sponsor researchers use the form for new SR1, extension and change of employment applications.

The student internship arrangements allow students from outside the EEA studying first or higher degree programs abroad, receiving an internship with an employer in this country. Please use the form WPSI Internship If you request one. Please refer to the 'Student Internship Guide for Employers (Student Internship Notes) for more details.

The education and work experience scheme allows people from outside the EEA to receive job training for a professional or specialist qualification, or a period of work experience. Please use form WP1 when applying for education and work experience work permit and for changes in the employment or use WP1X for extensions of existing work permit.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services regulations allow employees of companies outside the European Union, in the UK on a service contract, the employer of a UK-based organization Excellent work. This is a special and exceptional arrangement within the regular work permit rules under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) made​​. The company commissioned to provide the service abroad must apply using the application form GATS-A. Please note "for instructions on use of the employer, how to apply for a General Agreement on Trade in Services work permit" the (GATSA (notes) and the related guidance in GATSB (notes), if necessary) for further details.

Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) in the country will enable the employer to people from outside the EEA to recruit to fill vacancies that they do not fill with 'Resident workers. SBS is based on, and the industry is currently in the catering and food industry production. These contributions cover only SBS Notes specified within a given that the industry is difficult to UK to fill Recognized work permit, and in the sectors according to Scheme Guidance. The conditions laid down in the guidelines contributions are at a level that would not have the skills to meet the criteria of the business and commercial arrangements that have been identified but how hard Within the UK to fill. The SBS is rate-based. Please use SB1 form when applying for a work permit or SBS a change of job, or under arrangements in the original SB1X for an extension to an existing work permit.

The sports and entertainment arrangements allow employers in this country founded athletes, entertainers, artists and culture to deal with some technical / support people from outside the EEA. Please use the form WP3 when applying for Sport and Entertainment Work Permit, Work Permit Multiple Entry and for changes in the employment or use WP3X for extensions of existing work permit.

Skilled Migration to Canada

Help Canada's immigration programs, a community of citizens respected throughout the world.
On December 12, Prime Minister Martin announced a significant restructuring of the government.

Skilled Migration to Canada:
Skilled workers have education, work experience, knowledge of the Ingles and / or French and other abilities that will help them to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada. Application coming to Canada as a skilled worker is not difficult. Contact, find this section to all information and forms you need to make your application.
See to this site often. The rules for applying as a skilled worker can change. Before you apply, make sure you. According to the current rules After you apply, check back for information about the steps that follow. You can also check the status of your application the check.

Canada welcomes immigrants skilled workers, and we hope that this website will provide you with helpful information about living and working in the different provinces and regions of Canada bidding.

If you qualify as a skilled worker?
There are minimum requirements for application and selection factors come as a skilled worker.

Find out if you can apply as a skilled worker;
Read more about the six selection factors
Learn how to assess it, your language skills;

Working in Canada
regulated and non-regulated professions;
Assessment of credentials;
Labor market and job banks;
Employment by province and territory.

Things to consider before applying
Registration fees.
Agents are required to settle in Canada.
Medical examinations.
Whether you should someone hire operators.
Choice of destination in Canada.

How to Apply
Once you have decided that you 'you want to bring your skills to Canada, make sure you' follow to apply the right steps.

What happens after the application
Learn more about what happens after you submit your application:

How your application is assessed.
Check the status of the application.
What happens when you arrive in Canada.

Immigration for Canada

Business immigrants are people who can invest in, or start businesses in Canada and are expected to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. The Business Immigration Programs seek to attract people experienced in business to Canada.
Business immigrants are selected based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

There are three classes of business immigrants:
The Immigrant Investor Program seeks to attract experienced persons and capital to Canada. Investors must demonstrate business experience, a minimum net worth of CDN $ 800,000 and make an investment of CDN $ 400,000.

The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract experienced people who own and actively manage businesses in Canada that contribute to the economy and create jobs. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate business experience, a minimum net worth of CDN $ 300,000 and are subject to conditions upon arrival in Canada.

People who are self-employed
Self-employed persons must have the intention and ability to create their own employment. Is expected to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada. They can create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada
Programs Citizenship and Immigration Canada to help build a community of citizens respected around the world.
On December 12, Prime Minister Martin announced a major reorganization of the government.

Skilled migration to Canada:
Skilled workers have education, work experience, knowledge of English and / or French and other abilities that will help them to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada. Applying to come to Canada as a skilled worker is not difficult. Use this section to find all the information and forms you need to make your request.

Check this site often. The rules apply as a skilled worker can change. Before applying, make sure you are following the current rules. After applying, check back for information on the steps that follow. You can also check the status of your application.

Canada welcomes immigrants skilled workers, and we hope that this website will provide useful information about living and working in the various provinces and regions of Canada.

And if you qualify as a skilled worker?
There are minimum requirements for application and selection factors come as a skilled worker.

Find out if you can apply as a skilled worker;
Read about the six selection factors
Learn how to assess your language skills;
Working in Canada
occupations regulated and unregulated;
credential evaluation;
The banks of the labor market and employment;
employment by province and territory.
Things to consider before applying

Application fees.
Necessary funds to settle in Canada.
Medical Examinations.
Whether you should hire someone to represent you.
Choose a destination in Canada.
How to Apply
Once you have decided that you want to bring your skills to Canada, make sure you follow the appropriate steps to implement.

What happens after you apply
Learn more about what happens after you submit your application:

How your application is assessed.
Checking the status of your application.

What happens when you arrive in Canada.
Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to play a more direct role in selecting immigrants who wish to settle in that province. If you wish to immigrate to one of Canada's provinces as a provincial nominee, you must first apply to the province where you want to settle. The province will consider your application based on their immigration needs and your genuine intention to settle there.
Before applying to immigrate to Canada, Provincial Nominees must complete the provincial nomination process. Contact the province for more information.

Newfoundland and Labrador.
Prince Edward Island.
British Columbia.
New Brunswick.
Nova Scotia.
Note: After you have been nominated by a province, you have to make a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence. A CIC officer will assess your application based on Canadian immigration regulations.

Provincial Nominees are not assessed on the six selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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Student visa for USA

The U.S. different types of visas issued to temporary visitors, including students. As a full-time student, you will receive an F-1 or M-1 visa. Most students enter the F1 category. Temporary visas are also known as non-immigrant visas. 

The spouse and children would receive F-2 or M-2 visas. 
The "F" visa is for academic studies, and the "M" visa is for nonacademic or vocational studies. 

1) Get your passport made​​. Follow this link for details on how to obtain your passport. 

2) Once an academic institution has accepted for admission to full-time study, you will receive a document known as Form I-20, which is extremely necessary for the student visa application. This form I-20 contains information on the degree of financial responsibility is required, what will be the duration of their studies, etc. 

3) You may have to show proof of financial support, if you or your parents are going to finance your studies in the U.S.. A letter from the bank may be required. You may want to know about your embassy about the types of documents that can be accepted with regard to proof of financial support. 
Get a completed "Affidavit of Support" from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate if studies are to be sponsored by relatives or others who are currently in USA. Complete this form with information about their funding sources (sposorship letter) and submit it along with your other documents. The Embassy may require a letter from the bank holding the funds. 

4) Obtain all necessary documents listed on this page. Now, you are ready to go to U.S. Consulate for a visa interview. If your visa is rejected twice, you may need to apply by mail. 

Documents required for obtaining visa 
A non-refundable application fee (You must know the exact amount before going to the consulate and bring exact change if possible). 
An application form OF-156, completed and signed. Blank forms are available without charge at all consular offices of the United States. 
A passport valid for travel to the United States 
One photograph 1 and 1/2 inches square (37x37mm) for each applicant, showing full face, without head covering, against a light background; and 
To the applicant "F" Form I-20A-B. To the applicant "M", Form I-20M-N. 
[These forms are sent by the institutions where you have applied and after acceptance they send these forms.] 

sponsorship letters 
The student visa applicants must establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer that they have binding ties to a residence in a foreign country who have no intention of abandoning, and that they will depart the United States when they have finished their studies. 

State Visa maintaing after arrival 
If a student on an F-1 is not able to complete his studies at the expiration date on the I-20, must apply to Student Advisor Foreign school for an extension of 30 days before the maturity. Extensions are normally granted for academic and medical reasons, as long as there have been no violations of visa status. 

You can transfer schools after the arrival of an F-1 visa. You will need to notify your current school transfer and get an I-20 from the new school. You will complete the student certification section of I-20 and should give it to the foreign student advisor at the new school within 15 days of beginning attendance at the new school. 

If you are changing majors at their current school, it is not necessary to notify the INS. If changing degree programs (eg, from a bachelor's degree in a master's program), however, you will need to get a new I-20 and submit it to the foreign student advisor within 15 days into the new program.

UK spouse visa / UK marriage visa

What is a spouse visa? 
AKA UK marriage visa, spouse visa allows unmarried partners of UK citizens to emigrate to the UK, as they are married to someone who is 'settled in the UK' - ie, a person who is ordinarily resident in the UK and has no immigration restrictions on how long they can stay in the UK 

Can I work with a spouse visa? 
Yes, you are eligible to work or study in the UK after the grant of the visa. 

Spouse Visa requirements 
To qualify for a spouse visa / marriage UK must meet the following requirements: 

You and your spouse must be 18 years or older. 
You must have met with others and be legally married - this is to prevent arranged marriages. 
You must intend to live together permanently. 
You should have enough money to support themselves (and their dependents) without claiming public funds. 
Your partner sponsor must earn over £ 18,600 per year or have sufficient savings to sponsor. The minimum financial requirement is higher if they are also sponsoring dependent children. 
You must have suitable accommodation for you, your spouse and your dependents. 
You must meet the English language requirements. 

How I can apply for a spouse visa? 
You can apply for a spouse visa from abroad or within the UK. 

If you are already in the UK on a fiance visa, work visa or student visa in force for more than six months, you may be able to switch to a spousal visa. 
How long does the application? 

The average time for processing an application for a spouse visa is 2-12 weeks from the date you submit the application to the UKBA. Processing times vary depending on the country where the application is filed. 
How long does a spouse visa? 

If applying from overseas, spouse visa is initially issued for 33 months. If you are applying from the UK spouse visa is issued for a period of 30 months. 
Can I extend my spouse visa? 

You may request an extension for another 30 months, which can bring your total time in the UK on this visa for up to five years. At this point, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) provided you are still married and living in the UK with your spouse and continue to meet the maintenance requirements. After you have been granted ILR you may be eligible to apply for naturalization as a British citizen. 

Released Spouse visa entry 
If you are looking to enter the UK on the basis of their relationship with a UK national must apply for entry clearance before arriving in the UK. 

If you are applying from inside the UK must have a residence permit in the UK with a visa that is valid for six months at the time of application. 

You can not switch to a spouse visa if you are already in the UK and was initially admitted for a period of less than six months - for example, if you were initially admitted enter as a visitor or prospective student. 
English language requirements for partners 

As a spouse visa applicant must be able to demonstrate that you can speak and understand English. 

Must meet the English language requirement if: 
You are a national of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland; and You are in a relationship with a British citizen or a person settled in the United Kingdom; and You want to migrate to the UK as the spouse of that person. 

If you are not a national of a majority English speaking country or do not have a degree taught in English, then you will have to pass an English language test from an approved test provider. 

If you are applying from abroad we can arrange for you to take a test of English language approved in their country of origin. 

Contact us to learn more about English language requirements. 

Dependent spouse visa 
Children under 18 years old can enter the UK as your dependents. You must apply them, while doing his spouse visa application. Please note that your spouse sponsor must show income of a certain amount, whose level varies depending on the number of dependent children is sponsored.

Visas for Medical Professionals

For many years, the United States was closed for most foreign-born doctors preserve. Until you have been declared unconstitutional state laws required many foreign doctors to be U.S. citizens to obtain licenses. 

From 1976 to 1991, federal immigration laws prohibited doctors born overseas to obtain temporary work ("H-1B") status in order to perform direct patient care. A doctor in H-1B status are only allowed to teach or conduct research in the U.S. by a school or public or private nonprofit research or agency. 

However, in 1991, Congress amended the law to allow foreign doctors to qualify for temporary visas to enter the U.S. in order to qualify for medical residencies and fellowships, and to perform patient care. 

H1B Visa for foreign doctors: 
This guide deals with H-1B visas for foreign doctors and physicians who want to work in the USA. 

Before the Immigration Act of 1990, the only way for doctors to come to the U.S. to participate in postgraduate medical training was to enter J-1 status. But the 1990 Act reduced this requirement and for many years doctors have been able to use the H-1B visa to join residency programs and fellowships. 

Physicians seeking employment in the U.S. should note that there are special licensing requirements, and because of this start planning before the end of medical school. Get an H-1B visa is not always easy and even get H-1B status is not without problems. With the right preparation, however, and the help of, a foreign physician must be able to obtain work authorization in the U.S., especially in underserved areas or health care professional shortage areas health. 

H-1B Visas and research: 
If you are a foreign medical graduate who arrives in the U.S. to teach or conduct research, and only a small amount of patient care is involved, you will have to demonstrate that it has received a medical education and is authorized in its home country. Must also demonstrate that it has received a license for the state in which it will work if you take out patient care. 

H-1B Visas and clinical practice: 
You can also use an H-1B visa if you want to participate in a clinical practice or participate in graduate medical education. You generally must meet certain requirements such as: 

You must have a license or other authorization required by the state in which you will practice; 
You must have an unrestricted license to practice medicine in your country or have graduated from a foreign medical school or U.S.; and 
You must pass the relevant examinations. 

As mentioned above, you must be a registered user. All states require that physicians licensed to practice medicine, including doctors working in residency programs or fellowships. Some states do not allow doctors to sit for USMLE Step 3 prior to engaging in postgraduate medical education in such states and the J-1 is the main option. 

The requirements for H-1B visa Act 1990 also require a doctor to prove that he or she possesses a state license "or permission" to carry out patient care, as well as a full and unrestricted license to practice in a country or an external proof of graduation from a foreign medical school. 

Note that some states do not issue a license without proof of the issuance of a visa. The Catch-22 can avoid receiving a letter from the state licensing board documentation that the only thing standing in the way of the issuance of a license is the same visa. Usually, this letter will satisfy USCIS. 

As noted above, the physician must have passed one of the required medical examinations: 

Federation Licensing Examination (FLEX) Parts I and II, or an "equivalent examination as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services"; 
National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Parts I, II and III; 
o Medical Licensing Examination United States (USMLE) Steps 1, 2 and 3 

For many years, has been the sole USMLE examination. The adoption of the above tests is still recognized, but the "mix and match" of the examinations for the purposes of H-1B is not allowed. Note that the Canada Graduate Medical Certificate is not equivalent to the FLEX or USMLE for H-1B purposes. 

Doctors to document their proficiency in English and pass Test of English as a Foreign Language will suffice for this purpose is also required. 

Doctors who have graduated from medical schools in the United States only have to prove that they graduated from a U.S. medical school and possess the appropriate state license. Moreover, most of the above requirements above apply to physicians who are recognized national or international reputation in their area of ​​expertise and who have graduated from a foreign medical school. 

J-1 visas for doctors: 
Physicians who wish to enter the U.S. in J-1 status to participate in postgraduate medical training are subject to stringent requirements. They must have passed the medical examination of Foreign Graduates in Medical Sciences, must have good English, are automatically subject to the foreign residence requirement of two years (to be scheduled later), and are subject to time limits on the duration your program. 

Doctors who come to the United States on exchange visitor programs for the purpose of observation, consultation, teaching or research in the involved little or no patient care are not subject to the above requirements. suggests also see our information about the H-1B visa for foreign doctors.

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Immigration News UK and USA

Immigration News UK
23 May 2014
Germany second most popular immigration destination

22 May 2014
UK's first Muslim Secretary of State says immigrants must learn English

22 May 2014
PM insists UK is' working towards' 'tens of thousands' immigration target

21 May 2014
Conservative MP says UK needs immigration from EU

20 May 2014
Dyson slams 'sheer madness' of UK's immigration laws

16 May 2014
Cameron: UK can hit 'tens of thousands' immigration target

14 May 2014
New UK figures to show rise in immigration from EU

13 May 2014
30% of UK population 'will be from ethnic minority by 2050'

07 May 2014
UK 'would fall apart' if immigrants left

06 May 2014
UK Conservatives fear electoral disaster over EU immigration figures

02 May 2014
London Mayor: UK should grant immigration amnesty

02 May 2014
UK admits £500m immigration system cannot count immigrants

01 May 2014
UK immigration announces end to Tier 1 General visa extensions

30 April 2014
UK parties debate independent Scotland's immigration policy

29 April 2014
UK Independence Party highlights EU immigration in campaign posters

29 April 2014
Polish MP lives the EU immigrant life in London

23 April 2014
UK opposition says government must 'get a grip on illegal immigration'

22 April 2014
Immigration policy may cost UK Conservatives power

14 April 2014
Lords denounce UK's 'overblown rhetoric' on immigration

14 April 2014
UK's Labour Party 'would remove students from immigration figures'

11 April 2014
UK immigration statistics underestimated total by 350,000 in a decade

10 April 2014
UK seeks to deter EU immigration with benefit changes

08 April 2014
UK employs devious means to cut immigration total

07 April 2014
UK immigration's visa reforms are harming UK's soft power

01 April 2014
UK Immigration announces changes to Points-Based System

31 March 2014
UK will issue fewer than 200 Tier 1 Exceptional Talent tech visas per year

28 March 2014
Some UK visa fees to rise by 37% on 6th April - Apply NOW!

27 March 2014
UK immigration 'must not sell citizenship' say MPs

26 March 2014
Conservative MPs attack UK's immigration target

24 March 2014
UK to appoint cabinet level Immigration Minister

21 March 2014
UK academic supports call for UK immigration to auction investor visas

19 March 2014
UK PM caught up in immigration row

18 March 2014
UK minister blames middle class for fuelling immigration boom

14 March 2014
Immigrant entrepreneurs found 14% of UK start-up businesses

14 March 2014
Row breaks out in UK government over immigration

12 March 2014
Indian outsourcer says half US L1 visa applications are declined

11 March 2014
UK government 'withholds immigration report'

11 March 2014
Senior Conservative says UK can still meet immigration target

06 March 2014
UK immigration committee recommends Tier 1 visa-auction

05 March 2014
British employers desperate for Romanians

04 March 2014
UK minister blames Indian press for fall in student visas

03 March 2014
UK benefits from EU immigration, says European Commissioner

28 February 2014
UK immigration inspector investigates sham marriages

26 February 2014
Oxford academic blames 'Kafkaesque' student visa system on UK PM

26 February 2014
UK and EU move towards new immigration clash

18 February 2014
BBC finds 'systematic fraud' in UK's student immigration system

17 February 2014
Leading industrialist says UK immigration regime is killing UK engineering

13 February 2014
UK immigration minister resigns after employing illegal immigrant

13 February 2014
UKs Lib Dems to woo EU immigrants for Euro elections

12 February 2014
EU president accuses UK PM of 'scaremongering' over EU immigration

12 February 2014
London tech firms call for UK immigration reform

11 February 2014
UK PM clashes with his own party on immigration

10 February 2014
UK PM announces 'tech visa' to ease immigration for IT talent

10 February 2014
UK and EU move towards clash on immigration

31 January 2014
Cameron isolated in Europe on immigration policy

30 January 2014
UK's attitude to EU immigration hardens

30 January 2014
UK to prevent EU migrants from claiming housing benefit

29 January 2014
UK employers believe migrants have better skills and motivation

27 January 2014
UK immigration policy to blame for 25% reduction in Indian students

24 January 2014
'Flood' of Romanians fails to materialise on UK shores

23 January 2014
UK Prime Minister suppresses evidence that EU immigration is beneficial

22 January 2014
UK Cabinet split on EU immigration

21 January 2014
UK's top immigration expert says migrants better educated than UK youth

20 January 2014
UK 'misguided' on EU immigration policy says EU commissioner

17 January 2014
Labour says UK workers unprotected from Romanian immigration

15 January 2014
EU vice president accuses UK PM of fuelling immigration fears

14 January 2014
UKIP leader calls for 5-year bar on UK immigration

14 January 2014
Canada needs speedy EOI skilled immigration system says report

13 January 2014
Australian senator calls for 35m population through immigration

13 January 2014
Lech Walesa accuses UK of immigration 'irrationality'

10 January 2014
UK's migrant population quadruples in 60 years

10 January 2014
Senior cabinet minister says UK will miss 100,000 immigration target

08 January 2014
UK Immigration Act will introduce health charges for migrants

06 January 2014
UK government announces 'strict' benefits test for EU migrants

03 January 2014
UK's deputy PM attacks proposed EU immigration clampdown

03 January 2014
UK's plan to cut immigration could damage economy says think tank

Immigration News USA
19 May 2014
Prominent Tea Party activist calls for US immigration reform

19 May 2014
Modi 'will be issued US A-1 visa' after Indian election victory

13 May 2014
US IT lobby group calls for action on H-1B visa reform

12 May 2014
US immigration: Spouses of some H-1B visa holders can work

07 May 2014
Obama uses Korea visit to call for US immigration reform

01 May 2014
White House: US immigration 'will authorize employment for H-1B spouses'

25 April 2014
Demand for H-1B visas up by 40% in 2014, says US immigration

24 April 2014
US immigration denies visa to Iran's UN envoy

16 April 2014
Senator urges US Republicans to 'get beyond' illegal immigration

11 April 2014
Senior US Republican says illegal immigration can be 'an act of love'

10 April 2014
Nigella Lawson refused entry to US; asked to apply for Visa

09 April 2014
Tea Party holds US to ransom on immigration

09 April 2014
US immigration announces H-1B visa ballots

04 April 2014
US Democrats press for vote on comprehensive immigration reform bill

04 April 2014
Chinese applicants drive increasing demand for US EB-5 visas

31 March 2014
US L-1B visa refusal rates increase

28 March 2014
H-1B cap 'costs US 500,000 jobs a year'

27 March 2014
Hispanics become largest ethnic group in California

05 March 2014
Indian ambassador to US warns of retaliation if H-1B reforms go ahead

27 February 2014
US immigration to inspect L-1 visa employers

24 February 2014
Senior US Republican says immigration reform unlikely and blames Obama

24 February 2014
Immigrant sells WhatsApp to Facebook for $19bn

19 February 2014
Get ready! US immigration to open for H-1B applications on April 1st

14 February 2014
US: Standards for Immigration Reform. What does it mean?

14 February 2014
US Republicans release 'Standards for Immigration Reform'

10 February 2014
American Apparel pays $4.8m to investors misled over immigrant workers

03 February 2014
US government report calls for reform of L-1 visa to prevent fraud

03 February 2014
Increased chance of US immigration reform in 2014

21 January 2014
US Secretary of Commerce says immigration reform 'doable' in 2014

17 January 2014
Indian diplomat accused of visa fraud returns to India

15 January 2014
US Representative Issa says immigration reform is unlikely in 2014

07 January 2014
Congress may pass US immigration reform in 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diversity Visa Lottery FAQs

Program Diversity Visa Lottery (DV ) ago 50,000 legal permanent resident ("green card") visas available each year to nationals of countries that the U.S. considered to be under-represented in U.S. immigration . Anyone who is not an excluded country may apply either currently residing outside the U.S. or U.S. Although some restrictions apply , so please read the FAQ line .

What countries are excluded from the DV lottery this year?
For DV- 2015 , natives of the following countries are not eligible to apply because they sent a total of more than 50,000 immigrants to the U.S. during the previous five years :

Bahamas , Bangladesh , Brazil, Canada , China ( mainland-born ) , Colombia , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , El Salvador , Haiti , India , Jamaica, Mexico , Nigeria , Pakistan, Peru , Philippines , South Korea , United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories , Vietnam.

Persons born in Hong Kong S.A.R. (Asia ), Macau S.A.R. ( European Region ) , and Taiwan (Asia ) are eligible.

If you are a " native" to any of these countries , you can not apply for the diversity visa lottery . Generally, a person is considered a "native " of the country in which he or she was born. There are some exceptions to this rule , so if you are not sure whether you qualify, you should contact a lawyer.

What are the requirements to qualify?
To qualify, the applicant must be from an eligible country , have a high school diploma , or two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training and is otherwise admissible .

Where I can get more information?
More information is available on the website of the State Department.
Can I apply even if I'm in the U.S. without legal status ( "paperless" ) ?
Under current law , a person who is in the U.S. without legal status winning the DV lottery is not allowed to apply for residency in the U.S. ( " Adjustment of status " ) unless they had some other visa petition for lawful permanent residence ( family or employment based ) filed before April 30, 2001 . The DV lottery program is not an amnesty program . If you are undocumented and you're notified DOS has won the DV lottery, the notice will tell you to return to your country for processing. If you follow these instructions and leave the U.S. It is almost certain that he was not allowed to return to the U.S. Under current immigration law , anyone who has been in the U.S. without legal status for more than 180 days, you are prohibited from returning to the U.S. for three years if he or she leaves. Anyone who has been in the U.S. without legal status for more than one year are barred from returning for ten years if he or she leaves.

So, if I'm in the U.S. and undocumented immigrants should I apply?
Probably not . There is a much greater risk for undocumented persons to apply now that electronically collects information that was in the past when the lottery is done through the presentation of papers . DOS has said they will use this information as part of its fight against terrorism , it is not clear whether the information will be used against undocumented immigrants.

Although there is always the hope that the law will change and people without legal status will be allowed to adjust status within the U.S. The risk of the information being used against an undocumented applicant seems greater than the probability that an undocumented immigrant success could apply to adjust status to lawful permanent resident. If you are undocumented in the U.S. and thinking of applying for the DV lottery, you should consult with an experienced immigration attorney first.

I am HIV positive. Can I apply ?
Yes Being HIV positive is not a ground of inadmissibility .

How will I know if I won ?
A government computer selects individuals at random from all qualified entries. Beginning May 1, 2014 until at least June 30, 2015 , you will be able to check the status of your entry by going to , clicking Status Check and entering participant number confirmation you were given when you applied . This is the only way to know if you were selected , so it is important that you keep a record of your confirmation number ( Keep your confirmation number at least until September 30, 2015 ) . If you were selected , Participant Status Check will provide further instructions , including all required fees . Note that DOS will NOT be mailing out notification letters and NOT notify winners by email. Unselected be notified of their non-selection through Entrant Status Check.

How do I apply ?
Again this year, the Department of State will only accept applications that are filed electronically at along with digital photographs. It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last week of the registration period to enter recommended.

How much is the application?
There is no fee at the time of the online application is filled . Note that the U.S. Government employ outside consultants or private services to operate the DV program.

When is the registration period ?
Entries for the DV- 2015 DV program must be submitted electronically in between 12:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 , and 24:00 EDT on Saturday, November 2, 2013 .

Can I submit more than one application ?Anyone who submits more than one application will be disqualified automatically .

Should I hire a representative , a fee or use an online service to apply for the DV lottery?
Probably not . Most of the websites or the services offered to assist applicants in completing the application for the DV lottery are not reputable and are not necessary. The application for the DV lottery online is very simple, and requires no fee. However, there are some reputable organizations nonprofit that helps people who would otherwise not have access to computers to submit their applications . These services must be free or very low cost.

Tips to Solve Your Immigration Puzzles

Search immigrant ancestors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries can be tricky. Resources Immigration and folders may be different than other types of research. And the most important thing is doing everything possible to identify exactly where ancestors came , as most issues in Europe are local and decentralized . Here are some tips for finding ancestors .
1 . Local histories and the Church
Many immigrants settled in places where family and friends had already installed. This was the case even in large cities like New York. A city block could be inhabited by many families in the same ( or nearby) are located in Europe , some are related ( even remotely ) to another. In addition , ethnic churches can provide clues to the origins of an immigrant family . For example, the French go to a church, the Italians to another, to another Irishman, etc. Even if the churches could all be Catholic , accurate information in the records may vary from church to church . Research the stories of these areas and churches to determine if there was a large number of immigrants from a specific location.

2 . social organizations
Many immigrant groups based corporate social and mutual aid . Check the location where your ancestors lived to see what organizations were around that served your immigrant group . Then contact them to see what documents they may have. Many of them may include information on exactly where your ancestors came from . Masons, for example, often recorded this lodge a transferring member came . Even if you have to trace through several boxes, you can go back to his native village.

3 . derivative citizenship
Many people have trouble finding the naturalization papers for there family. Often , it is derived from the citizenship which is the culprit. It is a special type of citizenship. When a man naturalized immigrant , his wife and minor children would also be naturalized. This is known as the derivative citizenship ; it is derived from the naturalization of someone else.

4 . Voter registration records
One of the requirements to vote in the United States is that you be a citizen. When registering to vote, he should produce proof of the nationality of one . For most people , it is a birth certificate proving you were born here . For naturalized citizens , however, it should provide proof of naturalization. The date, place and court of naturalization are usually recorded . This is particularly useful for those who have derived citizenship , this information will be for their father or husband.

5 . Ports of entry
Often , we believe that the ancestors came from Asia Pacific ports , and those who came from Europe entered the ports of the Atlantic. This is not always the case. Be prepared that your ancestor may have come away from a port where you might think they arrived, or even where they finally settled. Many even arrived in North America from Canada before finally going to the United States I have a friend whose grandfather went left Slovakia to arrive in British Columbia, entering the United States in Montana, spent a few years there with cousins ​​, before moving to New Hampshire. Not necessarily the first flyway that comes to mind is it? It is important to keep an open mind when looking for your family.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Immigration to Canada through the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program

One of the most commonly used scenario immigration in Canada is federal skilled worker migration . Veteran and capable staff can easily become a Canadian migrants. Skilled workers keep the economy of a country and due to this Statement Canada encourages skilled people to immigrate to Canada . It is obvious to many now that the demand for skilled team , it is not only in Canada but around the world .

If you are looking for the skills that are necessary for the government of Canada, and looking for ways to migrate to Canada , then it is the right situation for you the opportunity under this consummate migration utility to migrate not lose. There is plenty of scope for an efficient and practiced people in Canada .

Canada joyfully accepted those basic education, skills and the . Authorized on the essential language skills such as English and French In spite of your profession , whether you are or are an engineer, a doctor, lawyer and businessman in any other kind of work , Canada is the perfect place for you to emigrate .

Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Program is a " permanent visa " program. An expert migration visa is one of the best different angles to submit an application to immigrate to Canada . Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program on a " points system " and a lot of it takes at least 67 based on 100 possible points for the booming immigration.

Considered some of the most important causes for this visa process issues such as "Age ", " Education", " English and French language skills , work experience ," " adaptability ", etc. These causes are closely estimated by the migration are authorized , while meting for from a template the skilled migration program . Candidates for migration ready and need to achieve the relevant essential requirements.

Candidates can reach as "education" and " languages ​​" a fine set of points under the sub- categories. Other important factors that is checked much of the immigration representative "age" you can reach 10 points for this aspect . You can get extra points if you are having significant work experience. For these programs , it is advantageous for all time who have education or work experience , as it facilitates the acquisition of additional points.

You can make use of an online point calculator to check the chances of free space in front of the points on it . This will help to verify the applicant whether they have enough points to clear the assessment or not applicants are also required to show that they maintain later immigrate to be economically successful.

If you with the basic skills, it is easy to migrate to Canada on the basis of the program, federal skilled workers. Through this program, experienced staff , you can easily work and live in Canada.

Canada for all time receives businessmen, achieve workers, refugees , investors, and learners to migrate their nation. For now there are about 60 types of visa programs that allow you apply for immigration to Canada. After successfully migrating to Canada , you can still apply for a permanent residence permit. Permanent residence owners can have to enjoy a variety of amenities and services. So if you apply with the basic skills and are waiting to immigrate to Canada , then it is the right opportunity for you and emigrate to Canada in the " Federal Skilled Worker " program.

Things to Keep in Mind for US Visitors

The U.S. government really welcomes those who want them and other foreign countries to visit . To add to the passport you need , it is also a requirement to have a tourist visa. There are documents required to obtain a visa and you can start preparing for this trip U.S. going to a line of a site that offers a service U.S. passport renewal . This will help you to make your trip to the United States will not be delayed . A visa is a requirement before you go to the United States , perhaps you should consider a trip just to see some of the places out there that are known as the best places in the world, while others go to the States States for commercial purposes and others will visit their parents with a passport is always necessary.
If you are planning a short vacation in New York or in other locations is possible because there are many places there to meet your needs such as hotels and hostels . Lease, it will not be a big problem because all you need to do is simply search for a home online and check if the price is suitable for your needs. Vacation getaway is most famous these days because of the idea that people can find homes that are spacious, comfortable and cheaper compared to the hotel. You can also choose where you want to stay . It can be on the top of a hill or along the shore of the beach . Many homeowners offer their homes to people who wish to rent a lower cost.

However, you must ensure that your application for U.S. passport renewal is done immediately to avoid any delay in your flight schedule . It is an online site that offers passport renewal for those who go to the United States and China Visa for those who would initiate China. Short term rentals are frequent because vacationers will not stay in a resort for more than a month or if they are there for work or migration. Short term rentals are specifically designed for travelers who need a temporary home while they are away from home. You can pay on a weekly basis depending on your agreement with the owner or management .

They are not hard to find when you get there , but what you need to do is make sure that your passport and visa is ready for this trip. If you want more information about this online site that offers fast passport renewal for visitors from the United States and those who will go to China and needs a visa to China can check on Facebook as they also have an account where you can get some of the essential information that you might need for that trip. It is difficult to apply for a passport and a visa if you know nothing about it. They can be a help to you.

Reasons to move to Australia

Australia is one of the strongest industrial countries with stable economy. People across the nation come to Australia to get the best jobs and the taste of the power of the strongest economy . The country's economy is not trembled during the global recession time . This is one of the main reasons why people are eager to shift their base to Australia. If we compare the unemployment rate in other countries then Australia is in very good condition and welcomes skilled migrants to work for them . There are different types of work visa that the Australian Embassy issues for foreign nationals.
The simplest format for the migrants to move to Australia is through work visa . If you have already received job offer in hand from a recognized Australian organization then the visa process is hardly any time as your visa will be sponsored by the company to take. This visa can be temporary or permanent. The ENS visa or work visa nomination is the temporary work visa if the employer nominated highly-qualified migrants in the vacancy that they do not fill in a position with the Australian professionals to fill . The workers will be provided full-time job for at least 3 years are available. In this type of the nominated employer sponsored visa , the company must show the minimum wage during the best nomination. Certain occupations are listed in the ENS scheme and to be eligible for nomination , the migrant should have similar abilities to the abilities that fit required for a particular activity . This work permit visa can be extended .

The employer nominated permanent visa , so the migrants to get a permanent job in Australia. A hand - Nominated Permanent Visa ( Subclass 190 ) is a set of the Australian permanent visa , which , to the people who have listed the qualifications and skills that are in demand in Australia and their occupation in SOL ( Skilled Occupation List) is granted government. Migrants have at least 60 points to pass the test nomination .
The skilled migrants are in great demand in the country , as they help in the job in the can fill in the economic growth of the country. It is not only useful for the country have a skilled immigrants to work for them, but also the promotion for the foreigners , as they can live a comfortable life in a multicultural society . The good wages, get the immigrants provide a relaxed and tension free life in Australia. Applying for a person with permanent work visa for Australia PR and live permanently in the country with a work permit for any Australian employer to work . Keep yourself updated with the latest news immigration is always a good idea, and it helps in the selection of the correct visa .

There are many immigration law firms that help you get the correct visa that you need. It is always recommended that you get it done by renowned companies immigration for your visa . If you meet all of your needs for such firms , immigration , then just contact Visa , a prominent immigration visa company. This company has offices in different countries and help in meeting all your needs in connection with Visa. The company's online visa assessment tool helps customers to choose the right visa for their purpose easily . Immigration lawyers go through each case and ensure that customers receive their visas on time.

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UK Tier Visas (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5)

The UK has revised its immigration law and implemented a points-based system for non-EU immigrants who wish to come to the UK to work, study, and train.

The points -based immigration system is broken down into five levels and will replace the current 80 or so routes that existed previously . Each level has different conditions , fees and entry requirements for people who wish to live and work in the UK .
The UK has recently announced new limits on the number of visas available under each tier . Tier 1 ( General ) visas for highly skilled migrants , is being phased out and is only available to applicants from within the UK . In April of 2011 will be phased out altogether. The rest of the Tier 1 includes points - based schemes for entrepreneurs, investors and foreign students of UK educational institutions.

If you are a highly qualified worker with the right qualifications , an entrepreneur, a wealthy individual with money to invest , a student, or you have a job offer from an employer who is willing to sponsor your stay in the United Britain , a Tier 1 visa may be right for you .

The five levels of immigration are described below . Click on each tier to get more information from :

Tier 1 Visas : For migrants, entrepreneurs, investors and highly qualified graduate students . This has replaced the previous highly skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP ) , the Entrepreneur and Investor schemes , and the International Graduates Scheme.
Tier 2 Visas : This is for skilled workers, professional sportsmen and members of the clergy who have a job offer or an agreement with a British organization that requires their services for an extended period of time . This level will be replaced the previous UK work permit rules .
Tier 3 Visas : This level is for a limited number of lower skilled workers to fill temporary shortages in the labor market . The United Kingdom is planning to implement this level indefinitely suspended .
Tier 4 Visa: international students.
Tier 5 Visas : For youth mobility and temporary workers , such as those that come under Working Holiday agreements with other countries. It also includes temporary workers volunteers who participate in sporting events , and the visit of the clergy.

Tiers 3 and 5 are temporary migration schemes and if you apply for a visa under one of these levels , you will not be able to switch to a different level from the UK. The UK has also suspended Tier 3 in favor of migrants from the EU , however, the situation may change depending on the needs of the labor market .

If you apply under Levels 1 , 2, or 4, you will be eligible to move to another level at any time after you're in the UK, if you can meet the requirements of that level . Levels 1 and 2 can potentially lead to settlement if the permanent residence requirements are met at the time of application.
Structure points
Each level requires you to score enough points to gain entry clearance or leave to remain in the United Kingdom. Points are awarded for various criteria specific to each level . The ability to fund your initial stay in the UK and your ability to speak English will play an important role in most cases . See each level linked above for more details.

In Levels 1 and 2 , points are awarded for criteria such as age , previous salary or prospective salary and qualifications. This system is very similar to the highly skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP ) , which has proved a great success.
If you are applying to one of the Tiers 2 to 5, you will be required to have sponsorship from a licensed sponsor ( an employer , government, or educational institution ) . The certificate of sponsorship assures that the UK is able to perform the particular job or course of study, or otherwise meets the requirements to enter the United Kingdom under the specific level .

Under Tier 1, you would not need a job offer and therefore do not require sponsorship .
Dependents are allowed to come to the UK with you in most cases. However, they will not be allowed to work if they accompany a student under Tier 4 if the individual was given less than 12 months leave to remain in the UK.

U.S. Immigration Guidelines for Students

All international students entering the U.S. with non-immigrant visas are subject to federal regulations that do not affect U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

It is important that you pay close attention to their status as non-immigrant visa and follow these guidelines . If you have any questions regarding your visa status , please contact your International Student Advisor , Susan Taylor.

Maintaining your visa status is your responsibility. When you sign the I-20 , you confirm that you have read and understood the rules governing their visa.

CAUTION : There have been many changes in immigration laws in recent years . Therefore, do not rely on the advice of friends or family members already in the U.S. The status of each student is a little different and the rules change frequently. Susan is very knowledgeable . She is the best source of help and information .

Full Time Student Status
It requires all international students in either an F -1 or M- 1 visa application for registration for , and successfully complete a full-time program of study for each academic year, with the exception of the summer term . If summer is your first quarter here, then you must be a full time student . Full-time status is defined as 12 credits per quarter.

If you are having difficulty in any of your classes and think you can not complete 12 credits , it is important to talk with your International Student Advisor immediately for advice.

An important part of being successful in their college classes is attendance. If you can not attend a class due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances so , contact your instructor and make a plan to complete any task that has been lost. Follow the course syllabus to ensure that you are current with their homework. If you have questions or do not understand something a teacher says , asks for clarification.

I-20 Completion Date
I- 20 is written with a start and end date . The estimated completion date is an important date to keep in mind . If you can not complete your important and needs more time to complete the program requirements , please consult your advisor for international students immediately .

I-20 and I-94 Forms
Both documents are very important and must be kept in a safe place. Please keep all copies of your I-20. You will have your documents I- 94 and I-20 when traveling outside the U.S.
If you leave the U.S. at any time and return , must obtain prior approval from your International Student Advisor . A Designated School Official (DSO ) must sign page three of the I- 20 or may not be allowed back to the U.S.

Change email, address
You are required to notify the Office of International Programs within 10 days if you change your address . Also inform the office if you change your email address . It is very important for us to have your current email address .

Transfer to another College / University
If you decide to move to another university , you must inform the DSO when and Clark College where he will transfer . The Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS) also requires that begin attending the new school the first term after leaving Clark College or the first time after the summer holidays .

Staying in F-1 Visa Status

You must register for a minimum of 12 credits each quarter. If you drop below 12 hours without prior approval from the International Student Advisor will be out of status.

You have only 15 days to leave the U.S. if you decide to withdraw from all classes. You must get prior approval from your International Student Advisor . You may be able to request reinstatement of status if you have a valid reason for withdrawing from classes and is still within the rule of five months.
If you become ill and can not attend school full time, you should have a letter from your doctor, and you should talk with your adviser to international students immediately .

Are expected to attend three consecutive quarters before taking a break. No plan was to have a room unless you first check with your international student advisor .

If you have fallen out of status , you must apply for reinstatement . Reinstatement is not automatic and sometimes be denied. You have just five months to submit for reinstatement . Please contact your international student advisor for filing instructions.

If you are traveling outside the U.S. or returning home for a visit, you must obtain permission from his signature international student advisor in order to re-enter the U.S. You must obtain the signature of at least one week before departure . You may need to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Canada or countries other than their country of origin.

When you complete your program at Clark College and plans to transfer to another school U.S. Must complete a transfer request output .

If you have moved , you must report your new address to your International Student Advisor within 10 days.

If you complete your program at Clark College and has not applied for Optional Practical Training ( OPT ) , and will not be transferred to another school, you have 60 days to leave the U.S.

You can not work anywhere except Clark College. The exceptions to this are Curricular Practical Practice (CPT ) and Post- Completion Optional Practical Training ( OPT ) . Please contact your international student advisor for information.