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Canadian Student Visa

Education in Canada can be an advantage on the world market, and study in Canada has one of the fastest walking routes from Canada. If you want to study immigrate to Canada to study abroad service team is here to help.
If you want to go to college or university in Canada or take a short course in Canada, we can be sure that your trip in the best universities and a Canadian visa for study.

Student Visa Requirements for Canada
Most foreigners want a residence permit to study in Canada and other countries must apply for a temporary residence permit to study in Canada. Exceptions may be taking courses with a duration of less than 6 months, the family members of accredited foreign representatives in Canada, and members of a foreign military power. Whether you need a permit, all applicants must demonstrate:
  • The adoption of an educational institution, science, or teaching in Canada.
  • Demonstrate the ability tuition fees to pay for the livelihood and profitability to their country of origin.
  • The ability to meet the health.
 Student Visa to Canada for short coursesThe general rule is that you do not need a visa to study in Canada, if you take its course or academic exchange program of six months or less. But those who want to continue their studies for a period of six months should always apply for a student residence permit prior to arrival. Always try a residence permit for study purposes for a course that asks:
  • Apply to study as a minor in the province where it goes.
  • You want to work on campus.
  • Will you have a co-op or internship program.
Studying and working in Canada
Foreigners, study and work in Canada do not always connect you need a separate work permit. Those who have a valid student visa to Canada have to work on the campus where they are enrolled, agency or a private company. This also applies to students and tutors, permission to work off campus without a work permit can have. For more information about working for a student visa, contact Global Visas.
Dependent children studying in Canada

Minor children of foreigners who work or study in Canada require to usually visit a residence permit for study purposes in school. The exceptions are:
  •     Minors who attend preschool or kindergarten.
  •     Minors who are refugees or descendants of asylum seekers.
  •     Dependent children of accredited foreign representatives.
Children in primary and secondary school age should a residence permit for study purposes to open, and college-age people need a residence permit for study purposes in Canada.

Business Visa for Canada

If you plan to start a business or work in Canada are the experts can advise you on the best way to get the best Canadian business visa for your needs World Visas. Take the free assessment and one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your ideal business visa for Canada.
Immigration applications are mainly foreigners who have an experience that can make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy welcome. The three different categories of visas you can apply for a business visa for Canada are listed below. Each application can be made for only one class and can not be changed.

Many people who read this site and found it useful to read our page to promote their decisions on the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa. We hope you find it useful.

Canadian business visa for investors
The Immigrant Investor Program allows candidates ordinarily resident in Canada, if they:
  • Show that they have a minimum of two years experience in business.
  • $ 1,600,00 can demonstrate legally obtained net worth of C.
  • Make a C $ 800,000 investment (refundable)

Applicants must also demonstrate that they can themselves and their families to support once they are in Canada. The province of Quebec has its own rules for immigrant investors. To learn more about this, please contact Global Visas by our free online assessment.

The business visa to Canada for entrepreneurs
This program aims to have foreigners and actively manage businesses in Canada that will create jobs and stimulate the economy. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate that they have a minimum net worth of $ 300,000 CA. They must also demonstrate that they managed a qualifying business and controlled a percentage of equity for a specified period of time. To learn more about the criteria and requirements for Qu├ębec entrepreneurs, contact Global Visas.

Canada business visa for self employment
Another way to get a Canada business visa is for foreign nationals under the plan for the self-employed. Applicants must demonstrate relevant experience in the following:
  • Participation in sports and cultural activities at a world class level.
  •  experience in farm management.
  •  Self-employment in cultural and sporting activities.
skill occupations include librarianship, journalism and arts, as well as the technical side of film and broadcasting. Canada also operates a points system for the selection of potential immigrants. Candidates must obtain at least 35 points to qualify.

Australian Citizenship

Permanent residence can be achieved by a large number of work visas in Australia in Australia and most of the families of the Australian Visa Sponsorship categories. In order to obtain permanent residence in Australia, the applicant must initially in Australia for a long time lived after emigrating to Australia period.

Australian citizenship residence requirements:
Applicants for Australian citizenship will be required to live in Australia as a permanent resident for 3 years in the five years preceding the application for Australian citizenship. This includes a period of 1 year in the two years before the application is made for Australian citizenship.

Applicants for permanent residence have usually worked in Australia or on a sponsored visa or visa Australia qualified independent family. These are used in Australia visa applications for citizenship, the most common type.

A new provision in the midst of the security changes was developed as a result of the threat of terrorism abroad, it prohibits the approval of an application for Australian citizenship if the person is considered a risk to the security of Australia is identified.

The prohibition applies to all applications, including those for Australian citizenship by descent, Australian citizenship of grant applications and for the resumption of Australian citizenship.

Legislation in Australia allows the government to revoke the citizenship of the Australian people, if at any time before or after approval have committed to an Australian citizen have become a serious crime, and sentenced him to 12 months or more for the offensive.

Becoming a permanent resident of Australia
The closest equivalent to the U.S. Green Card holders Australia as a permanent residence is known. Many foreigners who work, study or do business on a temporary Australian visa eligible for funding for permanent residence. Often people who are also skilled sponsored visa information useful. For advice on your entitlement to free comprehensive assessment visas now.

Residence in Australia for skilled migrants
For foreign workers a means of achieving permanent residence in Australia of General Skilled Migration (GSM), which developed an initiative of the Department of Immigration in Australia to workers aged 18-45 to win without employer sponsorship. The options for a permanent resident of Australia have become:
  • Independent qualified residence permit (subclass 885) - for students with a degree from two-year study in Australia, with which can permanently to live and work in Australia.
  • Qualified commercial residence permit (subclass 886) - for some temporary visa holders or graduates abroad with two-year study in Australia, who have a parent sponsoring state or territory.
  • Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (subclass 175) - offers permanent residence for applicants outside Australia whose skills are in demand and who pass the test points.
  • Skilled Migrant Visa commercial register (subclass 176) - requires a registered points lower test, but applicants must have a parent sponsoring state or territory.
Other routes to permanent residence in Australia
Foreign nationals can not apply through GSM will win Australian permanent residence by:
  • The system of appointment of the employer (ENS) - The Overseas Workers appointed to a full time position for a minimum period of three years are eligible to fill for ENS visa subclass 856 or 121
  • Migration patterns of regional trade (RSMS) - Foreign workers can benefit subclass 857 visa or a wide SGSF 119 work visas for Australian businesses in the regions or areas with low population growth from country RSMS.
  • Business Development - direct permanent residence for some high-profile businessmen and holders of temporary visas may also be eligible.

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US Citizenship Process

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a privilege, in which citizens of the United States more benefits and protections that are not available, a permanent resident in the U.S. immigration law are given.
Is a subsidiary in the United States, global Visas can help permanent residents of citizenship or naturalization. Our experts on immigration qualified American to help every step of the way, including the filing of the U.S. visa application on their behalf, they prepare for the civics / history test and questions at the interview, and participating in the interview with them at the local USCIS office, if necessary.

It is strongly recommended that permanent residents (or green card holder) apply for U.S. citizenship if they meet the requirements.

Whether an H1-B visa EB or specialized, there are dozens of ways, all of which become more popular in recent years.

One of the benefits of U.S. citizenship is a free ride and the time outside the United States. Unlike permanent residents, U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. for long periods without a prior waiver reentry permit applies that their residence will have their green card revoked by the U.S. government. Another disadvantage of not naturalized is that permanent residents who commit certain crimes in the United States (even if they are not serious in nature) may be placed in removal proceedings by the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition, only U.S. citizens can apply for federal and stand for election. U.S. citizens are also given priority in certain categories in relation to the sponsorship of the immediate family (spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters), while permanent residents to immigrate permanently to the United States often wait a long time before offered this opportunity.

Selection Criteria
A person can become a U.S. citizen by law, such as those born in the United States or being born abroad to U.S. citizens or nationals. Another way a person can be a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process. In this case, the applicant must be a permanent resident who is at least 18 years of age and reside. In a state or USCIS district for three months before the filing date of U.S. citizenship This person must also meet the following requirements:

Residency Requirements
Applicants must have resided continuously in the United States for a period of five years after obtaining a U.S. permanent resident card. In case the applicant is married to a citizen, it will be reduced to three years.

Half the length of stay (if three or five years) must have been issued physically residing in the United States. Please note that extended the United States during this period absences must a person can affect the right to naturalization.

Good character
The applicant must be a person of good character. Factors, including a person who can influence the moral character, but are not limited to convictions, the lack of compensation limits of support, providing false testimony is involved in prostitution, the practice of polygamy, the involvement in illegal gambling, a drunkard, adultery, to commit unlawful acts that adversely reflect on the moral character of candidates, etc.

English language skills
Candidates must have at least a basic understanding of the English language and must be demonstrable knowledge of history and American government.

Adherence to the principles of the U.S. Constitution
The applicant should understand and be ready to take the full oath of allegiance to the United States, and be ready to take up arms or to provide services noncombatants on behalf of the U.S. government.

US Tourist Visa (B2)

Ask for an American tourist or visitor visa allows a foreign national U.S. temporarily to the United States to travel than it is to visit for the purpose of tourism or to family and friends.

If you are interested in a U.S. visa by to start our free analysis to determine the most appropriate to your needs U.S. visa.
Examples of the variety of non-immigrant visa to the U.S., Tourist Visa / Visitor B2 is not a path to legal residents of the United States to receive a permanent resident card or green card Americans as it is more commonly known.

B2 visa
U.S. visas of this class are also referred to as a "visitor for pleasure" visas, although in practice this visit visa service for people who are entering for reasons of health, family and attend courses "short-term studies as well as those who come as tourists.

B-2 visas are usually granted for a period of 1 to 10 years, the owner is himself entitled to make multiple entries into the United States to B2 visa approved activities (tourism, to pursue Visiting friends or family , for health reasons, etc..).

Each visit to the United States is limited to a maximum period of six months, and a B2 visa holders are not entitled to work. In some cases, may be extended the length of stay for another six months, but in both categories, candidates must be able to demonstrate that their visit to the United States is expected to be temporary.

The period of duration of the visit of a candidate in a particular visit, is determined by the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in a U.S. port of entry and is driven by a stamp on the I-94 card of the applicant.

The candidate is required to leave the United States before the mandatory I-94th

When applications are assessed, much attention is a tangible proof that the applicant has not announced the intention to leave their residence in their country of origin and they have the intention and ability to meet their needs during their stay and on or before the expiration of their to leave U.S. visa.

The applicant intends to continue to reside in their country of origin before by the detection of familial bonds, real estate, jobs or no evidence that the applicant be supported irrevocably connected to their own country.

The Visa Waiver Pilot Program
The U.S. Visa Waiver Program enables nationals of participating countries to enter the United States for a period of 90 days without a visa if they hold a machine readable passport and a ticket is not refundable or round-trip ticket to a later determination, with the exception of Canada.

Candidates, the county through the waiver program are subject to the same restrictions as the entry of a visitor's visa. Currently, the following countries are participating in the program.

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal , Republic of Korea, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Please note that since the 12th January 2009, all nationals of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries - including the UK - are required by law to obtain a travel authorization prior to traveling to the United States under the VWP.

Travelers can register online via the ESTA, a free Internet application administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through a U.S. government website.

All Britons are planning to travel in the United States in the future are encouraged to apply now. Authorized Visitors can travel to the United States under the VWP travel authorization via ESTA website.

Spouse immigration and Dependent Immigration
In America, the B2 visa are not considered possible ways of their nationality or permanent residence, temporary accommodation for them, a predetermined target are tailored to.

Spouse and dependents can not get a "visa support" to accompany the principle holder, but they may be able to get their B2 visa to do so. Where relatives B2 holders are candidates for membership in principle, they should qualify and their grant.

US L1 Visa

States L1 visa United immigration service functions in a similar manner to a request for a work permit in the UK for an intra-company transfer (ICT), which allows a company in the UK to transfer an employee to a specific office in the United States, the granting of U.S. visas for these employees.
A L1 Visa USA work can also be used when an employee of a foreign company in the United States is in the migration towards the creation of a new office, a branch or a subsidiary in America.

In these circumstances, the U.S. visas will be approved for an initial period of one year, after which the company must be seen to work effectively so that the visa can be extended.
As a work permit in the United Kingdom, L1 U.S. visa process is an employer-led system with U.S. companies petition for the recruitment of foreigners if necessary. Like all U.S. business visa services requires L1 guarantee the intended use position.

U.S. Immigration requires in almost all cases that offer on-site warranty.

To apply for a U.S. visa, visit our online assessment area to start. Simply fill out the evaluation form L1 and global migration visa consultant will contact you.
As a H1B visa for the United States to qualified U.S. immigration, apply for U.S. L1 visa is generally much faster than he is best known application for legal residents of the United States method, or Green USA card application. As a result, the U.S. visas of this class, with H1-B visas are more popular with employers to bring foreign nationals in the country to fill certain roles.

As H Visa L1 visas for the United States will not be considered as a path to permanent state of equilibrium in the United States themselves. However, as an H1-B visa, which is not inherently a path to permanent residency, but allows a candidate to make the process of applying for U.S. green card while in the country to launch an L1 United States may permit work visa, a job candidate to obtain permanent residency in the USA.

In the United States, immigration is not specifically authorized in this way for corporate sponsors and candidates to work for another company or organization, unless a request for L1 costs.
Time Duration
L1 Visas U.S. business immigration in the United States are initially granted for a period of three years. In addition, if the applicant is still required in this position, the granting of leave may be extended in increments of two years and a maximum of seven years.

However, if the maximum of U.S. L1 visa expired, the candidate will not be able to until they returned to the country on an H or L visa or a period of at least one year out the country.
Selection Criteria
Candidates for migration to the United States by U.S. L1 visa can enter the country in one of the many rivers.
L1A management / administration capabilities VisaL1A visa is designed for those who are brought to the United States to engage in a high level management or executive role. In America, immigration candidates in this stream must assume a role with supervisory responsibilities of the professional staff and be responsible for a key department, division or function of the U.S. company.

Applications requiring this power must be accompanied by a detailed description of the functions and responsibilities of the position. In the U.S. visa of this type are for an initial period of three years with the possibility of an extension of U.S. visa for every two years granted for a maximum of seven years.
L1B specialized knowledge Visa
L1B visas are for those who live and are provided in the United States who have knowledge and experience of a company's products, services, systems and related special methods. In this current is initially granted for a period of leave of three years which may be extended to five years.

In each section, the applicant must have been employed by the sponsor company in an office outside the United States immediately for at least three years preceding the application. Candidates must have been used either in a position of leadership or management or in a position requiring specialized knowledge.
New Office L1 Visa
The new L1 Visa Office is open to U.S. and wants a manager or executive, but not use the evidence for important business in the United States developed for when a new parent, subsidiary, branch or subsidiary office is located. A "new office" is defined as "an organization that has done business in the United States for less than one year."

To obtain a visa L1 based on the opening of a new office, the company must demonstrate that it has sufficient physical space for office (such as securing a lease) with the beneficiary for responds to a foreign physical presence of the necessary exercise, and the American project operation will support an executive or management.
Blanket L1 Visa
This visa is designed for companies that have developed a high level of intra-firm employees who have transferred from a mother office, subsidiary, branch or subsidiary to another volume.

The main advantage of obtaining a Blanket L1 visa is that the employee may provide his / her L1 visa directly at the embassy or consulate of their country of origin, rather than processing the request by the USCIS. Not only does this result in significant time savings, but also financial savings for the company.

To be eligible for a Blanket L1 visa, the company must have an office, the American company has done this for over a year, have three or more domestic and foreign branches, subsidiaries or affiliates and combined United States annual revenues of $ 25 million U.S. workforce in 1000 or the approval of at least 10 L petitions in the past 12 months.
Immigration spouse and dependent immigration
Even if a visa for the U.S. The immigration are not directly determined route to permanent settlement in the United States, the potential to lead to a visa green card in place for them. In addition, when candidates are not for permanent immigration to the United States, a non-immigrant visa full extent of this type is still moving forward with living and working in the United States for a number years.

This allows the U.S. visa class spouse and dependents of the candidates on a L visa to enter the United States to join the principal applicant in the country. In these circumstances, spouses and visas will be issued L2.

A spouse visa L2 (although not dependent children) may then request a general work permit to go and seek and accept employment in the country. Although dependent children of an L2 visa United States are not allowed to work are, they can commit to study in the United States.