Thursday, September 18, 2014

UK Immigration: Skills Shortage List in UK

The United Kingdom is a great place. And in some areas of work, there are major bottlenecks, seeking employment, make for many, a select market. The government provides an approved list of recognized professions shortage of skilled workers and can listen to a recorded message.

It is primarily a skills shortage in certain fields of technology, healthcare, education and other professions. Examples of jobs listed as shortage occupations are railway engineers, transport and highway engineers, nurses of all kinds, medical consultant in a number of areas, doctors, physiotherapists and teachers of all subjects compulsory in UK education.
If you have high qualifications and a job offer from a British company in a shortage occupation then it can help make it easy to get a work permit with a Home Office decision usually within one week of application shall apply.

Since the list was officially approved by the British government, this means UK employer can apply to deal with a professional from outside the country and to obtain the preferred candidate for a work permit. For those who do not get in a position to have a valid visa to work in the UK, and have a job that is on the approved list, is the opportunity to work here in reality.

Although not on the approved list, there are many other professions that are still scarce and include: teacher Secretaries & Administrators Hotel & Catering Staff For those who can meet the skills shortage, you can often earn more money, have more choice of jobs, and above all have job interviews or even a job offer upon arrival, all reality.

Skilled Independent Visa of Australia

Resource for the latest information manually Independent Visa of Australia. Here you will find current information from the specialist Independent Visa in Australia along with UK immigration HSMP, Canada Immigration, Australia Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, USA Immigration and work permit can be found here.
Independent skilled migrants to Australia are at the helm of the program. These are people who. Top job skills in occupations that high after must be sought in Australia Perhaps it is surprising, but many people with technical skills are in high demand in our country where there are so many graduates.
Migration to Australia under the Skilled Migration class, also known as General Skilled Migration or hand-independent migration is known, is operated on a points based system (PBS).

The applicant must first meet the basic criteria and then meet the points test pass mark for skilled qualify permanent residence.

A hairdresser or a tiler has a better score and will often find employment more easily than an MBA or a head of research and development. For many of these jobs, apprenticeships and 6 years on-the-job training education, instead of trade school sets (although certificates are preferred).

Migrants to Australia without a sponsor if their qualification to get job skills, and record of employment is good. That is, they are able to settle into the Australian way of life and to find work within a short period. If you apply for this visa, you need very good English and be a young working age.

The subclass 136 skilled Australian Independent visa is for younger people who have no family here to support them, and have a good chance, but no employer. Check out the criteria for this visa in our self-assessment section. When you arrive in Australia, you can look for work.

Requirements of professional Independent Visa Australia:
Applicants for the professional -Independent Australia Visa must meet the following basic requirements:

Must have an occupation or skill on the list of approved occupations for skilled migration,
Must be current and specific experience
Must be under 45 years old at the time of application,
Must have at least vocational English,
Must pass a points test.

Applicants for Australia Hand Independent Visa must have been professional list in the last employment in any occupation in the hand. Employment is as at least 20 hours per week. You must have been employed for a total of 12 months in the last 24 months prior to submitting your application.

The following factors may contribute additional support to a marginal Australian Skilled Independent Visa application.

Candidates family connections within Australia may have to use able so to strengthen their application.

High Demand Occupation / Job Offer
Receive an Australia Skilled Migration visa applicants extra points if their skills are as listed in the demand. Additional points will be awarded if you also have qualified a job offer from an Australian employer.

Australian study
Applicants who have successfully completed study in Australia, may be able to use these skills to support their application and to obtain additional points be.

You can make extra points submits that if your spouse also meets the essential requirements which include - less than 45 years, with knowledge of English, a qualified professional activity as well as 12 of the last 24 months of work experience.